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Artist:Tony Orlando And Dawn
Label:  Bell
Date:Dec 1974
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BB Dec 7, 1974


26th May 2013
 The matrix numbering series (which was a continuation of the series begun in the 1950's, albeit resetting at 1000 after matrix no. 9999), however, would carry on until Arista AS 0367 in 1978 - which truly marked the end of the last vestiges of the Amy-Mala-Bell legacy.

13th Sep 2011
 Biffbampow -- I think that you are correct about Bell having run its course. Larry Uttal, head of Bell US, went off to create Private Stock. If you consider Private Stock as the template for what Bell would have become, it would have run its course in 5 years.

12th Sep 2011
 Whilst there is no denying that Arista turned out to be a hugely commercially successful label that shifted many many millions, it's one label I avoid like the plague since in my minds eye, I always see Arista as bland corporate fodder. The Grateful Dead, Santana and The Kinks worst albums were with Arista (just my opinion... I know many love those Kinks albums) then there's the misery of Whitney Houston who I cannot abide... least said about Manilow the better!

I do think in many ways Bell had run it's course... the only way forward really would had been the disco market which I think it would had competed heathily with RSO and Casablanca. Bell is not my cup of tea but it was a productive and fun pop factory. I think the British office of Bell was located on the same street as those of RAK, and those labels went hand in hand for a while as far as teenybopper and glam went.

12th Sep 2011
 Davis really tried (with Arista) to change the "Bell" image with the signings of The Kinks, Patti Smith, The Grateful Dead and (most of all) Lou Reed....in effect saying.."We're not just a teenybop label anymore"....of couse he kept The 5th Dimension, The Bay City Rollers and Manilow........John

12th Sep 2011
 Harbottle -- much beloved label in my collection too here in the states. Between The Partridge Family, Tony Orlando and Dawn, Terry Jacks and The 5th Dimension had tons of Bell. I was thrilled to find in a used record store in the early 80s an Arista album called "The History of Bell U.K.". Had about 10 songs on it including Slik, Bay City Rollers, Barry Blue, The Pearls and Linda Lewis.

12th Sep 2011
  For me it was one of the most bought UK labels in my collection when I was a youngster in the early / mid 70's.

Much missed as well.

I am still buying some years and years later BLL 1071

12th Sep 2011
 Clive Davis has an ego?


davie gordon
12th Sep 2011
 You're probably right there but I think this a case of Clive Davis' ego getting in the way - kill off Bell so nobody would remember that Arista was Bell with a new name.

12th Sep 2011
 Clive Davis should have kept Bell for the pop releases. Bay City Rollers would have made more sense on Bell than Arista.

davie gordon
12th Sep 2011
 The final release on Bell. R.I.P. the Amy-Mala-Bell group.

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