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Artist:The Troggs
Label:  Atco
Date:May 1966
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AThe TroggsWild ThingTaylorLarry Page9.5  Rate
BThe TroggsWith A Girl Like YouPresleyLarry Page9.0  Rate


BB June 4, 1966

-- First issue has writing credits A&B inverted, corrected on subsequent pressings
-- "Wild Thing" simultaneously released on US Fontana F-1548
-- "With A Girl Like You" released on US Fontana F-1552


3rd Feb 2014
 Recorded at Olympic Sound Studios, London, England. Engineered by Keith Grant. The ocarina was played by Colin Frechter.

13th Jan 2014
 First pressing promos had With A Girl Like You as the Plug side. I'm separated from my collection at the moment but I do have the promo variation like that and will add label scans as soon as I am able.

13th Jan 2014
 My copy on Fontana (All Time Fontana Hits) has the sound albeit not so pronounced.

12th Jan 2014
 Believe it or not, there is a teenie-tiny difference between the Atco and Fontana releases. The Atco release has a click (drum rim?) at 2:09 right after Presley says "You move me" and before the next note. The Fontana version doesn't have that sound.

Vinyl Fan
5th Jan 2014
 Added a rough looking plug side variation of this record from my collection, other side is worse.

31st Oct 2013
 Added two label variants, one with incorrect writing credit for A side, the other with it corrected. Also note that images # 396119 & #1034842 list Dick James as music publisher, while the others all correctly list Blackwood.

6th May 2012
 And in a wild coincidence, this coupling also comprised the reissue Fontana All-Time Fontana Hits F-1101.

19th Mar 2012
 Added label variant from Columbia Records' Pitman, NJ pressing plant - the first known Columbia pressing of an Atco single, with writing credits assigned to Reg Presley - and music publishing credits assigned to Dick James (BMI) - on both sides.

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