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Artist:The Squires [Connecticut]
Label:  Atco
Date:Sep 1966
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Community:11 Own, 10 Want
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AThe Squires [Connecticut]Going All The WayBouyeaBobby Dio9.5  Rate
BThe Squires [Connecticut]Go AheadBouyeaBobby Dio8.5  Rate


a) 66C 10701 (2.18) Saka-Lanny, BMI
b) 66C 10702 (2.15) Saka-Lanny, BMI


17th Nov 2015
 Stock B-side label image added.

4th Nov 2015
 worth every penny

3rd Nov 2015
 Copy sold today on ebayUK for £211.56 ($326)

Eyehate Werk
13th Jan 2015
 There is also a Monarch styrene pressing of this 45 - DJ / white label, and regular stock.

12th Jan 2015
A side promo scan from the collection of Keb Darge

Julian Cope review.

20th Oct 2014
 A-side video with improved audio


Davie: If you're in awe of drummers who sing lead, I'm sure you like Genesis and Phil Collin's lead vocals (yes I'm aware that Peter Gabriel was the original lead singer).

davie gordon
20th Oct 2014
 Couldn't agree more with your write-up, "Going All The Way" is one of the greatest singles ever.
I'll never understand how Atco and US radio failed to get behind it. I wore out the grooves of my
first copy of Pebbles 1 playing this track over and over. As you said, perfect !
I know what you mean about The Byrds but I can't think of a Byrds track that has the sheer attack level of "Going All The Way" ... think I'll play it again :)

Oh Gawd ! I'm in awe of drummers who sing lead.

On The Flip-Side
20th Oct 2014
 Better quality rips of both sides of this record can be heard here. I's argue that this is one of the two best records to come out of the American garage scene. Prove me wrong.

On The Flip-Side

24th Nov 2012
 A side label scan added.

Juke Jules
4th Jul 2011
 Oh no, can't bear to watch this record-abuse, I'm not a happy dogg
Other Youtube versions are available, if you care to click on the embedded image while it plays you'll be taken to a YouTube page with links to at least two listenable versions

Dr Doom
4th Jul 2011
 LOVE this record....


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