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Artist:The American Breed
Label:  Acta
Date:Oct 1967
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AThe American BreedBend Me, Shape MeEnglish, WeissBill Traut9.1  Rate
BThe American BreedMindrockerColley, ColleyBill Traut8.0  Rate


BB Nov 4, 1967


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26th Jul 2014
 RE's possibly mean a re-mixing of the track - or - a re-mastering of the stampers (possibly cut louder or maybe the original stampers had a distortion or a cutting defect)..it can mean a number of things...........John

26th Jul 2014
 I just came across a white label promo pressing of this single (same A & B sides) and it has the A-side matrix number of A-534 RE 1. It looks like photo 556377 and has Promotional Copy at about the 2 o'clock position on the label. Does the RE indicate a different recording or just the pressing plant as explained earlier?

11th Jul 2014

11th Jun 2014
 Here is the original version of the A-side as performed by the Outsiders

Bend Me-original


22nd Apr 2014
 The affected sample - {Images #924232 & 924233} - was from RCA Victor's Indianapolis, IN plant. The others with the 'RE 1' within the matrix number are as follows:
- {Images #170101 & 170102} - Columbia Records' Pitman, NJ plant (which I have)
- {Images #556377, 556378, 1075505 & 1075507} - label typesetting by Bert-Co, Los Angeles
- {Image #290648} - label typesetting by Alco Research & Engineering Co., Los Angeles (probably points to a Monarch pressing - but then, so do the Bert-Co typesetting jobs)

22nd Apr 2014
 I noticed that some pressings don't have RE 1 as part of the matrix number. How different are those pressings?

15th Apr 2014
 I like the single version of the A-side a little better than the LP version

12th Nov 2013
 I think this is one of the best songs ever done.

22nd Sep 2013

19th Apr 2013
 Anyone notice that this 45 is sped up from the original album version?

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