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Artist:"Sticks" McGhee And His Buddies
Label:  Atlantic Classics Revisited
Date:6 Jun 1967
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A"Sticks" McGhee And His BuddiesDrinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-DeeMcGhee9.0  Rate
B"Sticks" McGhee And His BuddiesBlues Mixture (I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water)TraditionalRate


Released on Feb 19, 1949 on 78 RPM as Atlantic 873.
Reissued in 1972 on Atlantic 45-873 with black and yellow label.


16th Jun 2014
 Had Columbia pressed any copies of this reissue, doubtless the cat. # would have been shown as A-873 like so many of their pressings of contemporary Atlantic 45's as between 1967 and 1969.

However, the way Keystone's label typesetting was laid out for this one, would definitely pinpoint this original 45 release to 1967 as already listed on top.

9th May 2014
 The red ones are promo labels only, looking like all Atlantic promos around 1967.

9th May 2014
 So which labels are first? The red or blue?

9th May 2014
 Now the red & white promo labels of the first 45 issue of this single added, released within the Atlantic "Classics Revisited" series, dating from around 1967 and possibly the origin of the Keystone typeset noticed there: 45-873.

27th Dec 2013
 Atlantic 873 was originally released in March 1949, but only as a 78 rpm (the first Atlantic 45 rpm was 45-914 in Jan 1951). It was apparently not issued as a 45 rpm in the 1950s either, see Atlantic Records - The label's first US 45 rpm 7" singles from 1951 to 1953.

This here was most probably the first 45 rpm issue of the single. According to 45-sleeves.com, the Atlantic "Classics Revisited" series with blue and white labels dates from 1967 to 1968, then replaced by red labels. As of 1972, it was followed by plain Atlantic reissues with yellow labels (like the original Atlantic 45 rpm singles from 1951-1956 but including the Fan logo which was not introduced before 1962).

16th Oct 2012
 In Charlie Gillett's book "Making Tracks", Atlantic founder Ahmet Ertegun told the writer how Atlantic came to release this record. Ertegun had been on the phone to his distributor in New Orelans and was alerted about a record the distributor was getting calls for, a record called "....Drinking Wine by somebody called Stick McGhee on a label from either Cincinnati or Harlem - if you can find it, I'll take 5,000 copies". The distributor sent Ertegun a copy, but he decided it wasn't worth his time trying to track down a record that had been out for some time, so he decided to record a version for Atlantic. He called Brownie McGhee and told him what he wanted to do, but Brownie said "...that's my brother's record". Ertegun asked where his brother was and the reply was 'right here', so Ertegun got Stick McGhee into a NY studio, spent twelve hours copying the record exactly, but nothing worked. So, they all went home and reconvened the following day when the track was done in just a couple of takes. Ertegun told Gillett it was one of the records that helped "break Atlantic across the country". (The original was recorded for the Harlem label owned by Mayo Williams - when Williams heard the competing version he promptly sold his version to US Decca who put it back out). The above is just one of the many great stories in the book (Panther Books 1975) told to the author by Ahmet, Jerry Wexler and a host of other early US record industry legends. Thoroughly recommended read.

Kent T
16th Oct 2012
 Another great Rhythm and Booze classic of all time. Essential 45. Find one and spin it.

15th Oct 2012
 Added 1980's reissue label scans. Originally released 1949.

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