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Artist:Bobby Jameson
Label:  London
Catalogue:45 LON 9730 V
Date:Feb 1965
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Community:4 Own, 2 Want
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ABobby JamesonAll I Want Is My BabyOldham, RichardsAndrew Loog OldhamKeith RichardsRate
BBobby JamesonEach And Every Day Jagger, RichardsAndrew Loog OldhamKeith RichardsRate


BB Feb 13, 1965


bobby jameson
20th Mar 2012
 Thanks...Vietnam was released in 1966 on Mira Records backed with Metropolitan Man....it was not pushed by Mira at all.....copies are extremely rare.....Bobby

bobby jameson
7th Jul 2011
 You're welcome...thank you....BJ

2nd Jul 2011
 ....thank you Bobby for those UK issue scans.

Members will get them aligned and placed with the correct release at F 12032.

23rd Jun 2011
 Bobby's blog: http://www.bobbyjameson.blogspot.com/

23rd Jun 2011
 Yea this is the same Boby Jameson who did the ever wonderful Vietnam on the Mondo Hollywood soundtrack LP which is also on his 'channel' - did that ever get a 45 release? gret tune whatever..

23rd Jun 2011

Both of these are from Bobby's own You Tube channel:Bobby Jameson

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