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Artist:Stan Freberg
Label:  Capitol
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AStan FrebergThe Old Payola Roll Blues [Like The Beginning] Part 1Stan FrebergRate
BStan FrebergThe Old Payola Roll Blues [Like The End] Part 2Stan FrebergRate


Featuring - Jesse White
With Billy May Orchestra and Jud Conlon's Rhythmaires


27th Aug 2013
 well mickey rat, I must confess when I played the full video clip today from Youtube, it's the first time I've heard Part 2 since it probably first come out surprisingly. That's not because I don't have it, I have a box set 4xCD/Video (cassette) titled Tip Of The Freberg, it has both parts 1 & 2 but I've never played it.I also have a "Best Of"cd by him containing only part one and if I dig deep enough I know I have several of his Capitol LP's, probably with one of them having both parts.

mickey rat
27th Aug 2013
 Part 1 was pretty damn funny at the time and even us teenagers liked it, but part 2's little morality play with Freberg and Billy May smugly dissing rock & roll in favour of "good" music (read Billy May, Sinatra etc.) still irritates me a bit. As someone who spent a lifetime collecting "bad" music on indie labels I kinda prefer the guy from Obscurity Records. Interesting too that Part 2 was deemed unfit for U.K. release and replaced with "Sh-Boom".

27th Aug 2013

A & B Sides: The Old Payola Roll Blues Part 1 & 2 - oh how true it was, still can't help to smile today when I hear this record!

21st May 2012
 Added sample record image. Label colour is same, different scanners give tone variations.

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