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Artist:The Mamas And The Papas
Label:  Dunhill
Catalogue:D-4031 / 45-D-4031
Date:Jun 1966
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Community:53 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Mamas And The PapasI Saw Her AgainJohn Phillips, Dennis DohertyLou Adler9.5  Rate
BThe Mamas And The PapasEven If I CouldJohn PhillipsLou AdlerRate


BB June 25, 1966


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25th Nov 2015

8th Jun 2015
 So...the pressing in the accompanying video appears to be identical to {348542}. It is quite noisy. While the noise may be partially due to overplaying or tone arm/stylus problems, many here have stated that some plants were notorious for using cheap, inferior vinyl. What plant likely pressed this particular copy?

24th Oct 2014
 Delta numbers in dead wax

A: Δ62129
B: Δ62129-X

18th Oct 2014
 "Creeque Alley" appears to be a different take in mono. But actually, I seem to like "California Dreamin'" in stereo with the guys in one channel and the gals in the other. They don't make many stereo records like that anymore.

17th Oct 2014
 The Mamas and The Papas are one of the very rare acts whose work I much prefer in mono to the rather oddball and uncomfortable stereo mixes. The 45 mixes blast the stereo versions out the water - much more powerful all round.

17th Oct 2014
 Thanks for the links. I find the vocals on the mono mix much more upfront; it was included on Dick Bartley's "On the Radio" CD series expressly for that reason.

17th Oct 2014
 This stereo version of the A-side heard here has very clean vocals.

The mono version can be heard on this single


17th Oct 2014
 Long before Fleetwood Mac, the Mamas and the Papas were notorious as a mixed-sex band whose members fooled around with each other. The single version is superior because the vocals are all but buried in the stereo mix.

17th Apr 2013
 Hi OldOak

A great record indeed, I have the US copy.
See UK copy RCA 1533
for alternative YT video and other comments.


13th Apr 2013
 A great record. Very Beatlesque, and more.


9th Mar 2013
 Added a set of variant labels.

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