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Artist:The Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 10647 / 45-FJ10647
Date:14 Nov 1955
Chart Position:8
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Community:27 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Lonnie Donegan Skiffle GroupRock Island LineDonegan9.5  Rate
BThe Lonnie Donegan Skiffle GroupJohn HenryDonegan7.5  Rate


Recorded with Chris Barber and Beryl Bryden on July 13th 1954. The original composers of these songs are unknown.

Also issued on 78 RPM as F.10647

NME ad, 11 November 1955, pp. 6–7.


7th Apr 2016

Accompanied with lyrics

6th Mar 2016

The Toad
12th Jun 2014
 'Music Master' gives a release date of March 1982 for the solid-centre issues.

12th Jun 2014
 Yes they are, kev.

12th Jun 2014
 Are the solid center copies a re-issue from the 70s or 80s?

30th Apr 2014
 RC 201 page 56, quotes from Lonnie Donegan "I was paid £3.10s.0d which was the standard session fee and although it didnt make me any money, it gave me a career".
The track was recorded during a session with Chris Barber's Jazz Band eventually turning up on his New Orleans Joy 10" album.

13th Oct 2013
 the single that inspired so many people to pick up a guitar

13th Oct 2013
 the standard musician fee when this was made was a grand total of 12 shillings & sixpence
52 & a half p in new money

28th Feb 2013
 10/10 from me!

Juke Jules
13th Oct 2012

22nd Jul 2012
 Hi Felonious - I dunno but that used to be the story about the pay for the complete LP session. I know he wasn't due royalties and if he got 'em it was many years later. Does anyone know when he got the Gold Record; or did he ever get it?

22nd Jul 2012
 Lonnie mentioned it long before wikipedia but for the benefit of our younger readers I translated the LSD into straight pounds.

This Site is probably more accurate and suggests $7 . I've popped down the legion and the survivors of the Mau Mau operation confirm a dollar was five bob in 1956, therefore Lonnie would have gone home with 34/-6.

22nd Jul 2012
 I supposed wikipedia is as accurate or otherwise as any other source

Rock Island Line

21st Jul 2012
 Session fees were not £50 in the fifties more like £3 but through his arrangement Lonnie registered the copyright as his and received the publishing royalties on his own version and on any cover released in the UK after 1956.

21st Jul 2012
 Yes, a most important and great record. The 78s were seen more often and the FJ series was pale blue with dark blue print. The solid centres above are much later pressings and Decca Jazz may have fizzled out by then. For this million seller Lonnie made a 50 quid session fee and Decca had to be persuaded for years to give him a gold record.

26th Nov 2009
 Note the added "J" in the prefix, these seemed to come and go on Decca Jazz labels

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