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Artist:Gracie Fields
Label:  Decca
Catalogue:F 11561
Date:Dec 1962
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
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NME review Dec 14, 1962


5th Sep 2012
 Although it really doesn't matter much at all because it's a re-release of an old chestnut from 1948 the dating trouble with this one's an interesting example
how things can go wrong unintentionally sometimes: it's true that it showed
up in the NME, Jan, 4th, 1963 issue - but only as part of an advertisement
by Decca Rec. and these ads very often list slightly older releases too.
By checking the NME-issues from Dec 1962 I just found out that this one
was reviewed some time before on Dec 14th, 1962 - actually not so suprising
because it seems to be well-suited for the christmas market.

5th Sep 2012
 I thought I read somewhere that Decca postponed several 45s from late December to early January.

5th Sep 2012
 Release listed in booklet 'The New Records', January 1963 (covering December 1962 Releases)
According to Paul Pelletier's Decca-Label Discography this one was
released in Dec 1962 with 'Now Is The Hour' as the A-Side.
It's most likely that the official release date was December 28th, 1962 for it
seemed to be the very last Decca Release of that particular year.
And 'Now Is The Hour' was advertised in NME, Jan 4th 1963 as the A-Side, too.

27th Mar 2012
 looks as though 'Now Is The Hour' was the A-Side..on the demo at least

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