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Artist:The Singing Dogs
Label:  RCA Victor
Date:Nov 1955
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A1The Singing DogsPat-A-CakeRate
A2The Singing DogsThree Blind MiceRate
A3The Singing DogsJingle BellsRate
B1The Singing DogsOh! SusannaStephen FosterRate


Directed by Carl Weismann


18th Aug 2013
 As was mentioned in the first post (by LawrenceD), the A-side is one continous play, not A-B-C-tracks. It is a medley of songs on one track, and the songs should not be listed as being tracked separately.

Back about 10 years ago, I took the liberty of editing the recording to feature just "Jingle Bells". Since that part of the medley is relatively short by itself, I left the opening and closing intact. I also re-created what RCA did in 1971 to extend the bark of the song. I used solely the 1955 record for the edit, and managed to get it just right. To bring the opening to a Seasonal feel, I also took part of the musical interlude and mixed it with the opening announcement. To hear it in full...:

You'll see the 1971 record pop in where they edited the track as I recreated the edit.

Is it SNOWING yet where You are...?

Fred Clemens


10th Mar 2013
 When I saw the name of this group, I immediately thought of Girls Aloud...

22nd May 2012
 B side, and third track of A side, later reissued on 48-1020 in 1971.

Oh, and the layout shown here {Images #452198 & 452199} was a Hollywood, CA pressing, with Bert-Co typesetting.

It should also be noted on this release, that "45 RPM" was on the right side of the label on Indianapolis pressings.

22nd May 2012

this is the 78rpm version , audio credits Don Charles' World Famous Singing Dogs

22nd May 2012
 The A-side is actually one continuous track with 'applause' between songs.
Most RCA singles from this period had "45 R.P.M." and/or "New Orthophonic High Fidelity" on the right side of the label, this one does not.

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