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Record Details

Artist:The Singing Dogs
Label:  RCA Victor
Date:Nov 1955
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Community:10 Own, 1 Wants
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A1The Singing DogsPat-A-CakeRate
A2The Singing DogsThree Blind MiceRate
A3The Singing DogsJingle BellsRate
B1The Singing DogsOh! SusannaStephen FosterRate


Directed by Carl Weismann

Also issued on 78 RPM as 20-6344


19th May 2016
 Very paw, Charlie! :erk:

Charlie Chalk
18th Nov 2014
 The recordings are a bit ruff!

18th Nov 2014
 Added label variations

18th Aug 2013
 As was mentioned in the first post (by LawrenceD), the A-side is one continous play, not A-B-C-tracks. It is a medley of songs on one track, and the songs should not be listed as being tracked separately.

Back about 10 years ago, I took the liberty of editing the recording to feature just "Jingle Bells". Since that part of the medley is relatively short by itself, I left the opening and closing intact. I also re-created what RCA did in 1971 to extend the bark of the song. I used solely the 1955 record for the edit, and managed to get it just right. To bring the opening to a Seasonal feel, I also took part of the musical interlude and mixed it with the opening announcement. To hear it in full...:

You'll see the 1971 record pop in where they edited the track as I recreated the edit.

Is it SNOWING yet where You are...?

Fred Clemens


10th Mar 2013
 When I saw the name of this group, I immediately thought of Girls Aloud...

22nd May 2012
 B side, and third track of A side, later reissued on 48-1020 in 1971.

Oh, and the layout shown here {Images #452198 & 452199} was a Hollywood, CA pressing, with Bert-Co typesetting.

It should also be noted on this release, that "45 RPM" was on the right side of the label on Indianapolis pressings.

22nd May 2012

this is the 78rpm version , audio credits Don Charles' World Famous Singing Dogs

22nd May 2012
 The A-side is actually one continuous track with 'applause' between songs.
Most RCA singles from this period had "45 R.P.M." and/or "New Orthophonic High Fidelity" on the right side of the label, this one does not.

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