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Artist:Elvis Presley
Label:  RCA
Date:26 Sep 1956
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Community:15 Own, 2 Want
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AElvis PresleyBlue Suede ShoesCarl Perkins9.0  Rate
BElvis PresleyTutti FruttiDorothy LaBostrie, Richard Penniman9.0  Rate


Number: 1228901  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: Wurzelsepp
Description: A Side Label S2

Number: 1228902 
Uploaded By: Wurzelsepp
Description: B Side Label S2

Number: 1149537 
Uploaded By: An6y66
Description: b side variant S2

Number: 578542 
Uploaded By: doowop68
Description: A side label second pressingS3

Number: 578543 
Uploaded By: doowop68
Description: B side label second pressing S3

Number: 1226468 
Uploaded By: Wurzelsepp
Description: B Side Label second pressing variation S3

Number: 633466 
Uploaded By: Pedro45rpm
Description: B Side Label variation third pressing S5

Number: 1176786 
Uploaded By: Joehilllouis
Description: Label variation round hole S7

Number: 1176788 
Uploaded By: Joehilllouis
Description: Label variation round hole S7

Number: 1769326 
Uploaded By: Caseellerbroek
Description: Picture sleeve (both sides the same) reissue

Number: 509709 
Uploaded By: lorangrecords
Description: Label side A reissue V4

Number: 509708 
Uploaded By: lorangrecords
Description: Label side B reissue V4

Number: 509695 
Uploaded By: lorangrecords
Description: Reissue Cover (front same as back)

Number: 1807095 
Uploaded By: Vinyllover
Description: A Side Label (Reissue)

Number: 1807096 
Uploaded By: Vinyllover
Description: B Side Label (Reissue)

Number: 530402  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: KeithS
Description: b side

Number: 1149536  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: An6y66
Description: a side variant

Number: 1226467  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: Wurzelsepp
Description: A Side Label

4th Apr 2014
 Added yet another variant similar to 1149536/37 but the B side has the co-composer credit of Richard Penniman spread across two lines.

2nd Apr 2014
 I might be wrong, but I've Never seen an Elvis or RCA / RCA Victor disco mixed in any catalogue

1st Apr 2014
 I think the current rule with elvis is everything is under one entry as all his records got released on victor with the same number, otherwise his discography would be huge on here!

1st Apr 2014
 Added images with intact centre. "Bei dickem Zapfen Mittelstück herausdrücken". They won't use such wording anymore these days!
Anyway, would it be okay to make this two entries: one for RCA and one for RCA Victor?

29th Jan 2014
 variant labels added with Trade Mark RCA (R) Registered at 12 o'clock

24th Jan 2013
 Fifth German release

47-6636 - 28.09.56 Blue Suede Shoes/Tutti Frutti
German copyright date: September 26, 1956 (s2)

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