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Artist:Della Reese
Label:  RCA Victor
Date:Aug 1959
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:30 Own
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ADella ReeseDon't You KnowBobby WorthHugo, LuigiGlenn Osser10.0  Rate
BDella ReeseSoldier, Won't You Marry Me?Peretti, Creatore, RodgersHugo, LuigiGlenn OsserRate


BB Aug 31, 1959
BB Sept 21 - entered Hot 100, reached no. 2
Don't You Know was adapted by Bobby Worth from Musetta's Waltz in Puccini's opera La Boheme


20th Nov 2015
 That was part of my point mickey rat, now these are in more than one place on 45cat/45worlds.

19th Nov 2015
 I think they are great with the associated record.

mickey rat
19th Nov 2015
 Many sheets were added to 45cat before 45worlds existed...

19th Nov 2015
 The sheet music images just clutter up the page which should be related to the record release IMHO. Don't get me wrong, I think they are great to view and interesting. Often with uncommon photos for the covers. It just seems to make much more sense to group them together and not attach them to the actual record release. I also seem to recall the discussion about where to post these as before there was a designated spot for them.

18th Nov 2015
 Thank you, Klepsie.

18th Nov 2015
 mono version

18th Nov 2015
 Actually site owners have already confirmed that it's fine to post them on the associated 45 too. But it would be nice if they appeared in both places.

18th Nov 2015
 The proper place for posting sheet music scans is on 45Worlds under "Memorabilia" where there is a specific category Publications>Sheet Music.

17th Nov 2015
 Sheet music scan added.

29th Jan 2015

12th Jun 2012
 An all-time favourite, Dr Doom. When the lady sings this, you are aware the song is being delivered from an awesome pair of lungs.

Dr Doom
12th Jun 2012

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