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Artist:Beach Boys
Label:  Capitol
Date:4 Jun 1962
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Community:69 Own, 5 Want
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ABeach BoysSurfin' SafariB. Wilson, M. Love9.3  Rate
BBeach Boys409B. Wilson, G. Usher9.5  Rate


originally issued with "409" as the A-side


1st Sep 2015

1st Sep 2015

1st Oct 2014
 YankeeDisc, TOKENHIPPIE, many thanks for the additional info some days ago. I haven't noticed it until now.

26th Sep 2014
 GEE YankeeDisc you're older than dirt. But I"ll confess i have finally reached the 60's club. Does that mean if Scotland secedes from the British Empire that Andy Murray's win at Wimbledon will Leave England still without a British subject victorious at Wimbledon since Fred Perry.
Is Scotland still a part of the British Empire , old Chap.
Now to me this is basic Beach Boys 101 From all accounts I've read Brian is 6 foot 2 plus I saw him in Seattle book signing event in 90 or '91 and he was no more than that.
Dennis was no more than 5 foot 8 and Carl was 5 foot 10, and that little munchkin Al Jardine is closer to 5 foot 4.
The Surfer girl Sheet Music will show Al Jardine and David Marks on the beach doing a photo session with the rest of the Beach Boys minus Brian. So at one time there were 6 Beach Boys in the Summer of '63.


16th Sep 2014
 Gentlemen, to answer your questions:

First, I haven't got a BB hole in me yet, although I have been threatened with that accoutrement once or twice......

Secondly, I celebrate my upcoming birthday this Thursday, the same day that the proud Scots nation decides whether or not to remain an English poodle........

I do hope they do what their Celtic Irish brothers did almost a century ago, and tell the English to get stuffed.....

I'll toast a wee dram to fellow Celts.......

15th Sep 2014
 It can't be a return, it hasn't got a BB hole in it! Nor, I trust, has YD... ;-)

15th Sep 2014
 "many happy returns" would appear to be in order then? ... :-)

13th Sep 2014
 ...whilst I recognised David Marks from the picture sleeve and commented, I checked further and he was born August 22, 1948, so I make him 3 weeks and a coupla days my senior.

He actually joined the group before his 14th birthday, so as this sleeve was issued in June 1962, he was still 13¾ years old in the picture, and was not 14 until August that year.

Let's assume the picture was taken in May 1962 to get the sleeve printed etc, and the question of height becomes important. (Birth date in brackets)

In the picture shown, from the left Brian Wilson (June 1942) is almost 20, and 6' 3" tall and full grown (...my only brother John was 6' 2" when he was 12, and then grew to be 6' 3" at age 14.....).
Next, Mike Love (March 1941) is 21 and a bit years old, full grown and looks about 6' 1" tall, and next to him Dennis Wilson (December 1944) is 17½ years old and looks about 5' 8" tall, and probably grew an inch or so more.

The two youngest members, first Carl Wilson (December 1946) who is 15½ years old and looks about 5' 7", but obviously grew some more as he matured, and then David Marks, who is slouching slightly, and looks about 5' 8" tall, so probably grew some more.

As I'm the same age almost as David Marks, I was 5' 8" tall at 14/15 years old, and grew to be 5' 11½" by the time I was almost 17, (I had to be measured by a Doctor in a medical examination for my very first job in a large Insurance Company, three weeks prior to my 17th birthday, I thought I was 5' 9" tall.)

Al Jardine, not in picture (September 1942 ), was 19 (almost 20) when the picture above was taken, and was away from the group at that time, but surely he was taller than 5' 5".......

13th Sep 2014
 Thanks for the info on David Marks, I am reading a Brian Wilson bio at the moment, and this picture is on the cover of the book, and I thought that doesn't look like Al Jardine on the end, so I was wondering who he was. Mystery solved! Thanks!

12th May 2014
 This is what he did after the BB Look Here and here

12th May 2014
 Thanks YankeeDisc, you're obviously right about David Marks. As I'm not so familar with The Beach Boys, I didn't know about the temporary departure of Al Jardine in 1962/63. Still I thought it could be him because according to the web his height doesn't exceed 5' 5".

12th May 2014
 ...that's David Marks on the extreme right, he was the youngest member, about 14 when this pic. taken.

12th May 2014
 Who's who on this old pic? I guess (f.l.t.r.): Brian Wilson (then 19), Mike Love (21), Dennis Wilson (17), Carl Wilson (15), and a tiny Al Jardine (19)?

14th Apr 2014
 the quality of Surfin safari sheet music is not the best. i don't own one. it's really rare and so is Surfin USA which is more desirable in my book.
There is no 409 sheet music that i'm aware of or other BB collectors are. but if you find an American sheet music of 409 please feel free to submit it.

31st Jul 2012
 And by some strange coincidence, Bert-Co also did label typesetting for Warners' at the time . . .

31st Jul 2012
 Looks similar to some west-coast Warner Bros. singles from that period...John

31st Jul 2012
 I just added the large font of the time. it's a first press and a very rare variation and it's from my collection. and you'll also find it on the Beach boys on 45 site which i contributed to as well

31st Jul 2012
 The "thick font" {Images #513871 & 513872} variant was Los Angeles, with Bert-Co typesetting. (The Scranton variant's typesetting was Keystone.)

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