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Artist:Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires
Label:  RCA Victor
Date:18 Jun 1963
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AElvis Presley With The Jordanaires(You're The) Devil In DisguiseGiant, Baum, Kaye10.0  Rate
BElvis Presley With The JordanairesPlease Don't Drag That String AroundOtis Blackwell, Winfield Scott10.0  Rate


Second Pressing


the Flea
9th Apr 2014
 Uploaded side 1 of the String Along version

13th Mar 2013
 BEATLEJOHN, yes, as I've been researching these the first thing I noticed was that from Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog on, every US single had a sleeve. I wasn't sure at first with the late 60s and 70s releases, but I've confirmed it. And yes, I noticed he started using the in-concert shots. I've assumed this was because of his renewed focus on touring. So many of the posed shots seemed to be publicity stills, probably tied to his films. So the switch makes sense as he stopped the movies and switched to live performance. I much prefer the posed shots.

12th Mar 2013
 drzbooks....(while he was alive) did'ya ever notice the last "posed shot" sleeve was for "The Wonder Of You (which ironically was live)...all the rest of the sleeves have a live shot.....John

12th Mar 2013
 Call me nuts, but last year I decided to collect Elvis' US picture sleeves. There's about 90 of the damn things. So far, I've picked up a little over half of them. Interestingly, several of the later ones seem to be more difficult to find than the earlier ones. Some fantastic sleeves--Jail House Rock is my favorite. Great fun.

4th Jul 2012
 Some copies (all West Coast pressings from the Hollywood, CA plant with Bert-Co typesetting) wrongly showed the B side title as "Please Don't Drag That String Along." Needless to say, the West Coast pressings later corrected that error.

25th Mar 2011
 Folks. I'm still stunned...2 weeks in and only one US Elvis disc! (I have a few!)..BE WARNED....EVERY regular issue RCA Victor Elvis single in the States from Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel to when he died HAS A SLEEVE!......John

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