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Artist:Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires
Label:  RCA Victor
Date:13 Sep 1966
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AElvis Presley With The JordanairesAll That I AmSid Tepper, Roy C. Bennett8.0  Rate
BElvis Presley With The JordanairesSpinoutWayne, Weisman, Fuller.8.0  Rate


BB Sep 24, 1966


17th Oct 2013
 Added alternate label variant with only three lines below title on both sides.

davie gordon
16th Apr 2013
 Exactly .. if you can see where it's glued that's the back.

I hadn't looked closely enough at this Elvis sleeve ... here's a good example of what I
meant SCR-772 ... the front should look like a mini album sleeve,
no folds or bits cut out.

16th Apr 2013
 To clarify Dave Gordon's comment regarding the determination of the front and reverse of a given picture sleeve, the front of the sleeve is more readily ascertained by on which side the sleeve is folded and glued. The front (or presentation) side is far more likely to be that which does not show its construction seams.

In this instance, on both examples depicted, the front of the sleeves are those which list "Spinout" first.

16th Apr 2013
 Produced by George Stoll. Please note within the promo sides "with Jordanaires"...no "the".

13th Mar 2013
 Added a set of variant labels--slight, but a variant: "the" in The Jordanaires is not capitalized.

davie gordon
21st Dec 2011
 Billboard listed "All .." as the A-side .. if you look at the pic sleeve you'll see that the one
featuring "Spinout" has a small cut out section - that usually indicates the B-side.

I'll check the chart entry dates to see what that reveals - I'm pretty sure it was a double-sided
hit with both sides charting simultaneously.

20th Dec 2011
 Davie Gordon, do you have a Billboard review, as to which side was the A?..."Spinout" charted at 40, "All That I Am" Charted at 41 (I personally thought this was the A-side), Impossible to tell with RCA matrix numbers....John (there is a correction request to flip the sides)

Dave El Git
12th Dec 2011
 Labels added

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