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Artist:Nat King Cole
Label:  Capitol
Date:26 Aug 1963
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Community:12 Own
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ANat King ColeThat Sunday, That SummerGeorge David Weiss, Joe ShermanLee Gillette10.0  Rate
BNat King ColeMr. Wishing WellLockie Edwards, Jr., Laurence WeissLee GilletteRate


BB Aug 17, 1963


9th Jan 2015

16th Jun 2012
 ...actually daffodils are "spring" flowers...but I bet the writers didn't know that....John

15th Jun 2012
 With you all the way on this one John. Although I always want to change one line to:

'Lots of daffodils were showing off their frills'

as I feel it captures the appearance of the flower better, and makes more sense.

15th Jun 2012
 It's kitschy, it's "old-school", it's almost summer, and it's undeniabaly gorgeous........John

23rd Nov 2011
 The review of this single in Billboard (17/8/63) has 'That Sunday, That Summer' as the A side. It entered the Hot 100 on August 31st at #97 eventually climbing up to #12 on November 2nd 1963. 'Mr. Wishing Well' also entered the Hot 100 on September 14th at #99 struggling up to #92 three weeks later then dropping out of the chart.

Paul Pelletier's UK Capitol discography list's the UK equivalent on CL 15316 as also having 'That Sunday, That Summer' as the A side.

Dave El Git
23rd Nov 2011
 The discography & previous owners system indicate that Mr Wishing Well is the B side

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