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Artist:The Yardbirds
Label:  Epic
Date:25 Mar 1966
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Community:24 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe YardbirdsShapes Of ThingsP. Samwell-Smith, K. Relf, J. McCartyGiorgio GomelskyRate
BThe YardbirdsNew York City BluesK. RelfGiorgio GomelskyRate


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19th May 2013
 Thanks guys, I think all my questions about this B-Side have now been answered. :-)

11th Dec 2012
 This is a subject I've been growing a little concerned with, as you said virtually every "top 20" US single has been entered in the database, and with new users signing on, they don't realize that they've already been beaten to the punch when it comes to entering a US single into the database, especially ones that were big hits. you wouldn't believe how many duplicate US singles I've had to merge over the last 6-8 months.

11th Dec 2012
 Hey!...a new challenge!...find a Billboard/Cashbox top 20 US hit (From 1964 - 1984)..that's not in the database!...John

11th Dec 2012
 Thx ajtharp!......I just want the US mods to note what I said about US "top 20" entries...(nowadays I'm stunned when a hit is a new entry!!!)...John

11th Dec 2012
 I just logged on a moment ago and noticed it, it's now merged here.

11th Dec 2012
 here! (yeah, I know...I'm being a little snarky intentionally)...catters should note...it'll be two years in March that 45cat has been international!...virtually every "top 20" US single has been entered in the database...so when I see one pop-up as a new entry...bells and whistles go off in my head!....John

11th Dec 2012
 Of course nobody noticed that I added this a year-and-a-half ago?....:-)...John

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