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Label:  Epic
Date:28 Feb 1968
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ALuluMe, The Peaceful HeartTony HazzardMickie Most8.0  Rate
BLuluLook OutMark LondonMickie MostRate


BB March 9, 1968

March 16 - enters Billboard bubbling under chart at no. 115
March 23 - enters Hot 100, peaks at no. 53


20th Dec 2013
 Note to My UK friends...stay away from any US Dave Clark Five LP in stereo before 5x5....re-chanelled/reverb/echo added......horrific!... (for that matter...stay away from the US stereo issues of the Hollies, "Evolution" and "King Midas" Lps.....stereo but added echo/reverb....horrific)..........Thanks Manny Kellem!............John.....

20th Dec 2013
 In regard to the question about Kellem's credit: I think "futzed around with" is a more apt term. Kellem is regarded in not too high terms among fans of '60's British music (i.e. adding slapback echo on top of delayed reverb that had been part of some Dave Clark Five masters notably "Catch Us If You Can," toying with EQ levels, in some cases making master tapes from needledrops as, I.I.N.M., I once heard was the case with the U.S. release of The Hollies' "Carrie-Anne"). He was to Epic what Dave Dexter was to Capitol (and there are many Beatles fans who will never forgive Dexter for the way he "improved" certain Fab Four recordings, e.g. the cavernous reverb added onto "I Feel Fine"; the comparison is especially apt as Kellem, until 1964, was a Capitol producer, thus in the same employ as Dexter).

19th Dec 2013
 Probably negotiating publishing , etc , royalties ? The B Side promo seems to have UK publishers on it ?

19th Dec 2013
 Variant label scans added. Added "Prepared for release in the U.S.A by Manny Kellem" on left side.

Makes me wonder exactly what they mean by "prepared."

24th Nov 2011
 A busy day for this entry..vidman45 added labels and I added the rear sleeve..John

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