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Artist:Looking Glass
Label:  Epic
Date:18 May 1972
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Community:55 Own, 1 Wants
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ALooking GlassBrandy (You're A Fine Girl)E. LurieMike Gershman, Bob Liftin, Looking GlassLarry Fallon9.4  Rate
BLooking GlassOne By OneP. SwevalMike Gershman, Bob Liftin, Looking GlassLarry Fallon8.5  Rate


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5th Apr 2016
 Have now added 1973 Pitman orange label variant.

30th Aug 2015
 In case anyone wonders, only this single (and subsequent "Memory Lane" reissue) has the (You're A Fine Girl) subtitle on the A side. Notice, if one looks at this entry for their self-titled debut album and as seen in some of the comments thereof, this track was simply titled "Brandy" with no subtitle. This seems to confirm that the subtitle was added on at the time it was released as a single, to avoid confusion with Scott English's song of the same name, despite his number only reaching #93 in a two-week run on Billboard's Hot 100 earlier in '72. This little fact would make it all the more ironic more than two years later when, because of this chart-topper, Barry Manilow had to re-title the English composition (no pun intended) as "Mandy" when he covered it on his second LP (and rode #1 with what became Bell Records' last chart-topper).

10th Apr 2015

17th Jun 2012
 Later pressings of this 45 had the 1973 orange label design with "e" logo.

5th Sep 2011
 BearyNYC's comment on Arif Mardin's strings and horn work on 'Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne' by Looking Glass was adequate enough excuse to treat those unfamiliar with it to the group's US #1 around June 1972.

'Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne' was their only other Hot 100 Hit, reaching only #33 in July '73, but interestingly fell only one week short of the 16 weeks 'Brandy' spent in the chart.

It's a sterling example of the number of fine US hits that never even scratched the UK charts in the 70's. Instead we were suffering the likes of 'Tom, Tom Turnaround'. (Can you believe that went to #6 ?!!)


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