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Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Capitol
Date:26 Dec 1963
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:92 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe BeatlesI Want To Hold Your HandLennon, McCartney9.8  Rate
BThe BeatlesI Saw Her Standing ThereLennon, McCartney9.8  Rate


- 3 original issues with 3 different music publishing on B-side
--Walter Hofer, is first
--George Pincus & Sons, second
--Gil Music, third (and stays that way)
---Many re-issues/labels with same cat# up til 1981
--B side charted at # 15
---Note on West Coast sleeve that George's head is cropped off
---Original release date was Jan. 13th 1964, Capitol moved up release to Dec.26th 1963
---A special WMCA Good Guys sleeve printed and distributed in NYC area.

general Capitol release information of this coupling:
 Issued 1963 -1968 Orange/Yellow swirl, (no subsidiary information)
 (not issued with Orange/Yellow swirl with subsidiary information)
 Issued 1969 Red/Orange “Dome” logo
 Issued 1969-1971 Red Orange “C” logo
 (coupling moved to Apple label 1971-1975, same catalogue number, returns to Capitol label 1976)
 Issued 1976-1978 Dark Orange, “Capitol” on lower perimeter
 Issued 1978-1981 Purple label
 (coupling moved to “Starline” label with new catalogue number)


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30th Aug 2014
 {Image #1378613}, like {Images #1002377 & 1002378}, was Scranton.

30th Aug 2014
 Alternate version added. Later pressing of the target label, not sure which coast. But, it has white in the center of the logo.

19th Aug 2014
 Well, it does create an interesting alternate version.

19th Aug 2014
 No, and I don't think it exists. If I recall correctly, the original session tapes no longer exist in the Abbey Road vaults. Home mixers and the Rock Band folks created a number of fake count-ins for many Beatles tracks by splicing a count-in from one song onto another. I suspect this is an example of such a fake.

18th Aug 2014
 Has anyone ever heard the beginning of this A-side with a vocal countdown?


13th Apr 2014
 Welcome aboard.

12th Apr 2014
 I love this web site.

6th Oct 2013
 Well John, it looks like Bobzyeruncle guessed it right off. There is the "IAM inside a triangle", so Scranton wins the prize.

The reason I had doubts about it to start with is, I just had a hard time believing that a major record label, printing a major recording artist's records, would be so sloppy. I had a hard time trying to center the label scans. The title, on the "A" side, went from low on the left to high on the right, while "The Beatles" went from high on the left to low on the right. Then the font was all weird looking too. I'm just glad it's legit.

Thanks to you guys for shedding a little light on this issue.


6th Oct 2013
 Thanks, W.B. I feel a bit more intelligent now. :laugh: The typeface resembles what I have on a Scranton copy of Abbey Road. Bought it for the un-cropped jacket and the odd labels. The record itself is unplayable.

6th Oct 2013
 Excello-2101...now my curiosity is really piqued!..if possible could you tell us what kind if pressing plant stamp is in the run-out groove?...."IAM inside a triangle" means it's Scranton, Pa....an Asterisk (*) hand drawn or machine stamped means it's Los Angeles, Ca.....an "0" hand drawn or machine stamped means Jacksonville, Ill......(a sideways wine-glass means Winchester Va....but this seems too early)....John

6th Oct 2013
 Actually, you may be right . . . late 1969, they were trying out all sorts of wacky font combos before settling on what L.A. was using . . . besides, this was the period when the logo and rim print were actually part of the label copy artwork, rather than embedded in the label design.

6th Oct 2013
 That target label nearly screams 'Scranton' to me. (I'm probably wrong, though.)

6th Oct 2013
 Excello-2101..it's real....and there are an array of font styles for this label design....John

6th Oct 2013
 Added a "target" label to this entry, if it's the correct place for it. BEATLEJOHN??

Not even sure this is a legit press, the font is just odd, but if real, this should be
a late 1969 issue.

28th Sep 2012
 ShelterFan!...glad you commented...yes this is the correct spot for your scans!...and I have a few "Shelter label" adds, I'll comment on them so you can see..:-)..John

28th Sep 2012
 I wasn't sure if this was the right place to upload these images but from the comment in the notes section ("Issued 1976-1978 Dark Orange, “Capitol” on lower perimeter") I thought perhaps it might be.

26th Aug 2012
 The Pincus label variant is already on here, via {Image #152797} (Scranton pressing, Keystone typesetting) and {Image #492194} (Los Angeles pressing, Bert-Co typesetting).

26th Aug 2012
 Added new set of label images with B side credit to George Pincus

7th Mar 2011
 Having been a hoarder for more years than I care to even think think about, I took between 5000 - 6000 7" singles to various charity shops in the area during the summer of last year. They were the remnants that I had over the years from buying job lots at car boot sales and what I was given by family & friends who just wanter rid of them. I still have over 2000, most are listed under "I OWN IT" by artists that are of interest to me, or some that I want to keep for other reasons.

6th Mar 2011
 ....you know it!.............John

6th Mar 2011
 Thanks for the info..think I'll stay away from the Beatles...thereby lies madness

6th Mar 2011
 Keith, that's the "Anniversary Issue" from January 1984, they airbrushed Paul's cigarette out..I'll upload it...........*sigh*........when I get up to then....John
PS- Paul's with a cigarette in a couple of the Lp sleeves too! -back cover photo of US "Meet The Beatles" (same photo session as this sleeve),
-inner photo spread of "Beatles For Sale", -back cover of "Rubber Soul", -"White Album" poster, -front cover of "Abbey Road"

6th Mar 2011
 I heard somewhere that there was another version of this sleeve with Pauls cig removed

4th Mar 2011
 You'll get a shock if you count 'em John! I always reckoned I had 2 or 3000 45's...I've counted nearly 4000 so far (we move in 6 weeks) and there are about 25 boxes still to count..it COULD get to circa 5000. Frightening.

4th Mar 2011
To tell you the truth, I really don't know! (as my wife says, TOO MANY!)..I have a few Hendrix singles (I'm a fan, but not a fanatic)..and (since I've stopped on Geffen)..Reprise is a long way off.......(God I hope Nostradamus is wrong...I need more time!)...John

Oakley Boys
4th Mar 2011
 You've obviously got a fantastic collection John. Do you know how many? I am looking forward to seeing all the variations. Have you any Hendrix singles? Life's so full of questions!

Orbiting Cat
3rd Mar 2011
 Ha ha well done BEATLEJOHN! When we started 45cat, the UK Beatles discography seemed insurmountable too... we'll complete this too I'm sure!

3rd Mar 2011
 I have started the madness!

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