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Record Details

Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Capitol
Date:11 Jan 1964
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Community:19 Own
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AThe BeatlesI Want To Hold Your HandLennon, McCartneyRate
BThe BeatlesI Saw Her Standing ThereLennon, McCartneyRate


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21st Jan 2014
 Full set of original labels added.

28th Dec 2013
 With respect to whitewhale1965, added cleaner target label scans.

Phantom Gtowner
26th Jun 2013
 The target label version is from circa 1971.

25th Jun 2013
 Mine is the second pressing with George Pincus & Sons.

Phantom Gtowner
7th Oct 2012
 First pressing released roughly January 11, 1964. Because of the enormous quantities that this record sold, there are several variations in the dead wax numbers. An absolute original has "Walter Hofer" listed as the B side publisher to the right of the hole and the matrix numbers are MACHINE STAMPED, not hand etched, on both sides of the record in the dead wax area. This 45 is a little bit scarce and is the one everyone is looking for.

On second pressings the B side publisher is listed as "George Pincus & Sons" and the matrix
numbers are still machine stamped on BOTH sides of the record.

Third pressings are the same as second pressings except only one side has machine stamped matrix numbers.

Fourth pressing has the matrix numbers hand etched on both sides of the record. These are very common.

Fifth variation isn't as orange in the swirl but more of a brownish colour. This was pressed after March/April 1964. Matrix numbers are hand etched (on mine the A side reads 45-X44771-7) and it has no brackets around the word "Canada" in the tiny white perimter print.

A sixth variation is pretty much identical to the previous but it has brackets around the word "Canada" in the tiny white perimter print. This pressing is from 1967.

There likely are other swirl variations that I don't know about.


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