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Artist:The Beach Boys
Label:  Capitol
Date:26 Oct 1964
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Community:50 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Beach BoysDance, Dance, DanceBrian WilsonBrian Wilson9.5  Rate
BThe Beach BoysThe Warmth Of The SunBrian Wilson, Mike LoveBrian Wilson10.0  Rate


15th Mar 2015

15th Mar 2015

15th Mar 2015

24th Sep 2014
 The US Singles Collection (CD Box) credits Dance Dance Dance to Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Mike Love

mickey rat
24th Sep 2014
 BTW you'll note Mike Love got credit for Warmth of the Sun on both the Sheet Music and label. Of course it was the B side so Murry figured it wouldn't amount as much in royalties.

He was also credited on the original copyright registration. And of course the flipside gets 50% of all sales royalties even if nobody ever plays it.

24th Sep 2014
 I can't read sheet music but it's true that Murry would go to Capitol records and Submit the writing credit and omit Mike Love's name. but why he would omit Carl his own son is beyond me. But it doesn't really matter because Mike was included on the Sheet music where it really counted on Fun FUn FUn for instance, All Murry was trying to do was get under Mike's skin a little and show him who was boss And i guess Mike was left off of I get around, Help me Rhonda and California girls. But you'll never convince me he deserves credit for Wouldn't it be nice . MIke's contribution was miniscule compared to what Brain was accomplishing. He may have suggested a line or two but that's it. Like his credit on Little Saint NIck now. I bet you his only contribution was the LIne He don't miss no one. And he gets 10 million for that. I'm understating it a bit to make my point.
BTW you'll note Mike Love got credit for Warmth of the Sun on both the Sheet Music and label. Of course it was the B side so Murry figured it wouldn't amount as much in royalties.

24th Sep 2014
 Sometimes what is in the published sheet music doesn't end up on the actual recording. Lines are dropped while other lines are added. Do the lines in the sheet music AND the record match...???


24th Sep 2014
 Was this song among those that Love successfully sued Brian for co-writing credits a few years ago (this would explain the credits on the recent Singles Box Set that dogear mentions)? If so, the court apparently believed his claim. I seem to recall at the time that Brian said Mike was left off several of these songs at the insistence of Murray Wilson. As much as Mike Love is a horse's ass, he may have been wronged on these publishing credits.

mickey rat
24th Sep 2014
 I'm way out of my comfort zone with Beach Boys stuff but I always like to follow the publishing. Here's the original copyright registration:

DANCE, DANCE, DANCE; w & m Brian Wilson
& Carl Wilson. © Sea of Tunes Pub.
Co.; 2Nov64; EU851361.

This is the original "unpublished" registration (EU prefix) and confirms Sea Of Tunes owned the copyright and the official writers were Brian & Carl Wilson. Curiously the "published" sheet music was not copyrighted separately (EP prefix) - at least not in 1964 or '65...

23rd Sep 2014
 The official writing credit comes from the sheet music not the label. the sheet music shows Brian and Carl as the writers back in '64. Whatever the revisionist historian says namely Mike Love, I wouldn't put much weight behind his claims. Although I did talk to Wayne Edwards(drummer Hondells) back in '90 and he did mention Mike Love's hook line in I Get Around . So I''l concede that one and also his classic line in Help me Rhonda, Something about "doin' out in my head." And Mikey has the temerity to complain about Van Dyke's obtuse lyrics. Could you please explain that line to us Mikey.
But I'll never ever concede Mike Love's claim to WOuldn't It Be Nice. He must be claiming those two lines he sang Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray it might come true Baby then there wouldn't be a single thing we couldn't do. As I recall they were too busy playing in Japan and screwing a bunch of geisha girls for Mikey to contribute anything on Pet Sounds. It'll always be Brian and Tony Asher who wrote it and that's it.


10th Feb 2013
 The Beach Boys U.S. Singles Collection CD Box credits Dance Dance Dance to Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Mike Love

31st Jul 2012
 This is the West Coast sleeve from my collection

5th Mar 2011
 This was my first Beach Boys record with a sleeve, bought not long after my birthday (in November), with my own birthday money!...strangely one side has more ring-wear than the other....
...not that easy a sleeve to find either!...........John

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