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Record Details

Artist:Rod Bernard
Label:  Argo
Date:Feb 1959
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Community:42 Own
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ARod BernardThis Should Go On ForeverJ. Miller, Jolivette9.0  Rate
BRod BernardPardon Mr. GordonR. Bernard, Soileau7.0  Rate


BB Feb 16, 1959

a) 9222 / Δ 27366
b) 9223 / Δ 27293


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17th Sep 2014

A Side: This Should Go On Forever

17th Sep 2014

B Side: Pardon Mr.Gordon

16th Sep 2014
 I'm happy with my $3 Collectables pressing by Ron Bernard.

Rockin Bill
16th Sep 2014
 Bill man, please please please ... stop such posts ... I am almost ruined !

bill mann
16th Sep 2014
 Jin copy on ebay as we speak !

mickey rat
16th Sep 2014
 Yep, worked that one out Keith, but only recently.

16th Sep 2014
 Flat Town = Ville Platte but then you probably all knew that. :)

mickey rat
16th Sep 2014
 Interesting that J.D. Miller's Jamil (BMI) retained copyright on both sides here and Chess didn't get a look in on the publishing. Deals had already been done in Louisiana before Chess even came into the picture. "This Should Go On Forever" had been a "swamp pop" staple for some time before Rod Bernard recorded it. Its writer was Bernard Jolivette, known professionally as King Karl who recorded with Guitar Gable's band for Miller. I imagine Floyd Soileau could see a chance of getting a national hit with the song if recorded by a white artist (Rod Bernard). (King Karl's version was released on Excello after Rod Bernard's version started making waves.) "Pardon Mr. Gordon" is also Jamil, meaning J.D. Miller controlled 100% of publishing royalties when this record became a national hit. I'm not sure, but I think Floyd Soileau created his own publishing firm (Flat Town Music) after this - lessons learnt.

Trivia: Floyd Soileau's other label Swallow is named from the pronunciation of his surname, but then you probably all knew that. :)

Rockin Bill
16th Sep 2014
 The record was released in October 1958 on Floyd Soileau's Jin records and was an almost immediate local success. But Floyd Soileau wasn't big enough to cope with demand. Finally, Leonard Chess made the best offer and his subsidiary Argo started to distribute the disc nationally in feb. 1959.

15th Sep 2014
 Which label were these recordings first on? Jin or Argo? Are they the same recordings on both labels?

28th Feb 2014
 Is this artist's name actually Ron? Collectables spelled it that way. Is it incorrect?

29th May 2011
 It was reviewed in the February 16th 1959 Billboard. The reviewer claims that 'This Should Go On Forever' is "chanted with soul". Is this a fair assessment?

29th May 2011
 I bought this in the summer of '59. Swamp Rock.

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