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Record Details

Artist:T. Rex
Label:  Universal / A&M
Catalogue:533 812-3
Date:21 Apr 2012
Format:Box Set 7"
Title:Electric Sevens
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:8 Own, 3 Want
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AT. RexHot LoveMarc BolanTony ViscontiRate
B1T. RexUntitled Instrumental Aka A Lot Of RubbishMarc BolanTony ViscontiRate
B2T. RexHot LoveMarc BolanTony ViscontiRate
CT. RexGet It OnMarc BolanTony ViscontiRate
D1T. RexRaw RampMarc BolanTony ViscontiRate
D2T. RexGet It OnMarc BolanTony ViscontiRate
ET. RexJeepsterMarc BolanTony ViscontiRate
F1T. RexLife's A GasMarc BolanTony ViscontiRate
F2T. RexJeepsterMarc BolanTony ViscontiRate
GT. RexSailors Of The HighwayMarc BolanJohn MuirRate
H1T. RexGirlMarc BolanJohn MuirRate
H2T. RexElectric BoogieMarc BolanJohn MuirRate


Limited Edition Record Store Day 2012 4 x 7" Box Set.


13th Apr 2013
 After all my earlier stuff and bluster I finally bought a copy of this - albeit in Australia, where I picked it up for a mere ASD38. A bargain - and mint too. Odd to think that it travelled 21,000 miles in order to end up back home in Blighty!

Ade Macrow
19th Dec 2012
 Ditto re: The Slider 40th set, TS.

17th Dec 2012
 If it keeps dropping I may buy a set at last. The same will surely happen to the ludicrously overpriced Slider box set that out now. I won't buy that until it goes below 50 squid.

Ade Macrow
17th Dec 2012
 Can't argue with that, Paul.

Paul Vinyl
17th Dec 2012
Better value then T. Rex Regeneration single 7"/US 7"/12"/CD

Ade Macrow
17th Dec 2012
 Like most 'limited editions', this can still be obtained and the price is now beginning to drop substantially. Amazon UK now have copies at just under £29, which is admittedly still a big chunk of money but a whole hell of a lot better than the £50+ that was being demanded at the time of the set's release in April.

Ade Macrow
1st Jul 2012
 Your comments are far from 'stupid', TS. I don't wholly disagree with you and the original vinyl will ALWAYS instill thoughts/feelings/emotions that these latter-day concoctions and confections cannot but.....what happens when you're so avid (hopelessly diseased) that you can't help adding these later items to a vast collection of original vinyl anyway?

I'm a sucker for these things: knowing it doesn't mean I have the willpower to resist them, though. I suspect I'm not the only one here who knows that if it's got a Fly label on it and it's on 7" vinyl, it'll end up being bought, no matter how inessential, pricey or ridiculous. The horrible Fly revival series (Eddie Edwards, Chameleon, Diane Solomon et al) and even worse Fly 'Flea' series with all the dance/trip-hop bilge are just two examples.

I salute your wisdom and sensible approach. Would that I could have the same.

1st Jul 2012
 Glad you got one Ade. Amazingly, last week I found two copies of this set for sale in the very shop in Brighton I queued for 4 hours outside on RSD. They were selling them for GBP39.99, which is 10 quid cheaper than they were on the day. I held one in my hands and then made the decision that I didn't actually want them. I've always been a bit of a purist about Boley stuff and most of my collection is original release material.
The things you mention about the labels is one of the reasons I decided not to buy it. It irritated me that on the Electric Warrior vinyl reissue they put the labels the wrong way around. It's these little things that swayed me to not purchase. I guess it sounds stupid really, but as has been said earlier by Deepinder, just as a personal opinion, there is nothing better than the original pressings. I also thought that at GBP10 per 7inch disc- its just too much - even for an avid Boley fan like me.
Having said all that, I really do think the sleeve and box design of this set is terrific.

Ade Macrow
1st Jul 2012
 Finally acquired one of these at vast expense (dont tell my missus!). I thought the labels were nicely rendered but t's a shame they have to have all the Universal/A&M gubbins and 'FLY is a trademark of..' rubbish on them too, cluttering the look somewhat. Certainly nicer (in my opinion) than the labels that graced The Move/Procol Harum 7" Fly/Salvo reissues five years ago.

The vinyl is extremely thick on these singles. Mind you, given the cost, each disc ought to have been made out of platinum! Nevertheless, it's a lovely addition to anyone's Bolan/T.Rex collection.

Deepinder Cheema
20th Jun 2012
 None of these newly pressed discs approach the quality of the original discs and the printed labels from the presses made in the 1950's and the original label printers used till about the early 1970's, it is even more of 'less of a bargain' when they try and imitate them.

Paul Vinyl
7th Jun 2012
 Nice work JPGR&B looks good to me.
telegramsam their are a couple on ebay for around £50, but as you say that was the original price so still very expensive when it was released.Also some of the tracks are previously unreleased.


7th Jun 2012
 Well done Paul! Thanks for uploading these. I never did manage to get hold of one. GBP50 was about the original RSD price, the eBay gangs that nabbed most copies of this on the day have pushed up the prices way beyond anything I would ever be prepared to pay, sadly; glorious as this collection is. The only way I can cope with it being missing from my Boley collection is on the basis that it's a reissue at the end of the day. *sigh*
Life's a gas you know! He he.

7th Jun 2012
 Paul, I've sorted out the track listings for you. I hope I've got them all in the right order.

Paul Vinyl
6th Jun 2012
 Quite a lot isn't it, glad I swopped it, it was part surprise gift.

6th Jun 2012

Paul Vinyl
6th Jun 2012
 Sorry I don't know how much my mate paid for it but must have been somewhere around £50 with p&p.
Quite a few on ebay for sale.

6th Jun 2012
 How much does it cost, may I ask? Is it easy to find?

Paul Vinyl
6th Jun 2012
 Ade, got it today. I swopped it for for something off my mate.
Will play it all tomorrow.

Ade Macrow
6th Jun 2012
 Ah, you got a copy at last! Nice one, Paul - many thanks for adding all the labels, pic sleeves and detailed information. Manna from heaven for us fellow obsessives.

6th Jun 2012
 Very, very nice piece of kit, there!

Paul Vinyl
6th Jun 2012
 I've listed the titles what's on the label not the picture cover.

Each Disc has a catalogue Number.

A1-Hot Love
B1-Untitled Instrumental Aka A Lot Of Rubish
B2-Hot Love

A1-Get It On
B1-Raw Ramp
B2-Get It On

B1-Life's A Gas

A1-Sailors Of The Highway
B2-Electric Boogie

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