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Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Capitol
Date:15 Feb 1965
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Community:95 Own, 3 Want
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AThe BeatlesEight Days A WeekJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney10.0  Rate
BThe BeatlesI Don't Want To Spoil The PartyJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney8.5  Rate


-first release by a British artist to reach no. 1 on US charts, and not to be released as an A-side in the UK. (many more to follow though!)

general Capitol release information of this coupling:
 Issued 1965 -1968 Orange/Yellow swirl, (no subsidiary information)
 Issued 1968 -1969 Orange/Yellow swirl, subsidiary information in white (1968-1969)
 Issued 1969 Red/Orange “Dome” logo
 Issued 1969-1971 Red Orange “C” logo
 (coupling moved to Apple label 1971-1975, same catalogue number, returns to Capitol label 1976)
 Issued 1976-1978 Dark Orange, “Capitol” on lower perimeter
 Issued 1978-1981 Purple label
 (coupling moved to “Starline” label with new catalogue number)


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28th Sep 2015
 Hi. Just checking back issues and found B side Spoil the party is in Stereo on 1983 Capitol Rainbow. Eight days is Mono. Already have 1988 Capitol Purple with both Stereo. Check all your Orange 76, Olive 76 Starline, Purple 78, Rainbow 83, and Purple 88 Beatles 45, some are Stereo but show Mono on labels. A Lovely Mystery. I have 9 different ones so far and suspect there are more. The only way to get Matchbox/ Slow down in Stereo on 45. Most have a "G" number on Matrix like G13 or G21, but I don't know the meaning. Need more info contact me. I seem to be the only guy searching for these treasures, 138 Beatles songs on Stereo 45 so far. Beatle Lew.

5th Sep 2015

26th Jul 2015
 RCA Rockaway {Images #1715593 & 1715594} pressings would have used the exact same Keystone label fonts as the Scranton {Images #714064 & 714066}. Unlike the L.A. pressings, there was hardly a variant in the label typesetting positioning.

Vinyl Fan
26th Jul 2015
 Added label scans that could be RCA Rockaway! In the dead wax on side 1 it reads 45147-P7 (R) and on side 2 in the dead wax it reads 45150-P7 (R). On both sides dead wax their is an R machine stamped in them. No Scranton or LA indicators on both sides.

26th Apr 2015
 Gold Disc scan added

14th Aug 2014
 Tuesday night, August 12, Phoenix Arizona. Paul opened his concert with this classic. One of 39 songs on his set list for the night. Amazing concert!


11th Jul 2014
 And for good reason: In those days, Bert-Co handled label copy by letterpress - and the way the type was spaced, the lines laid out, etc., varied very wildly.

11th Jul 2014
 Added orange & yellow swirl label alternate variant. This is apparently another Los Angeles pressing, as it has 6 pronged asterisk in the deadwax. The spacing of publisher, timing, matrix above and below the catalogue number is different than the other Los Angeles label shown (#214543/214544).

15th May 2012

6th Mar 2011
 You'd have thought they would have reversed the images for the A and B

5th Mar 2011
 Never mind John's jacket how about the front cover with Paul's goatee beard and outsize hat!

5th Mar 2011
 -First appearance of John with the Grey-stripe jacket that he wears constantly for the next two years (on B side sleeve)..
--Anyone is welcome to add better Scranton labels if they have them...John

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