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Record Details

Artist:Clarence Henry
Label:  Argo
Date:Dec 1960
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:19 Own, 1 Wants
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AClarence HenryBut I DoGuidry, Gayten10.0  Rate
BClarence HenryJust My Baby And MeR. GuidryRate


BB Dec 19, 1960

also issued on the black label


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17th Jan 2015

Rockin Bill
18th Jul 2014
 about picture # 1339153
I couldn't resolve myself to create a third entry for this single as there is already this another one.
Here is a mystery issue mixing the both entries : A-side's titlle is still 'But I do' but artist is already remaned 'Clarence Frogman' Henry.

I was also wondering what is the proper entry to chose : a-side's title or artist name ?
So I decided to insert pics of the a-side on the adequate title entry and its flip (same title for b-side) on the other in the hope none will feel offended
Also note the little difference in label's color

30th Oct 2012
 apparently the I DON'T KNOW WHY was dropped at some point as there was another song with the same title at around the same time which had given rise to confusion

29th Oct 2012
 Also released with the A-side titled "I Don't Know Why".

31st May 2012

4th Feb 2012
 My copy has Navy blue label, Silver print

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