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Artist:Huey (Piano) Smith And The Clowns
Label:  Ace
Date:Jan 1958
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Community:41 Own
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AHuey (Piano) Smith And The ClownsHigh Blood PressureSmith, Vincent9.0  Rate
BHuey (Piano) Smith And The ClownsDon't You Just Know ItSmith, Vincent9.7  Rate


BB Jan 27, 1958

a) 3429
b) 3430

Monarch Δ19669 / Δ19670


Break-In master
28th Nov 2015
 Also on Oldies 45 OL-4.

4th Jun 2012
 Ace owner John Vincent was always pulling tricks to maximize sales and airplay, but on this one he really whiffed by putting Huey Smith's two greatest recordings on the same record.

3rd Jun 2012
 It's a great double sider.


3rd Jun 2012
 Of course the b side was the big hit. The Fendermen also did a wild cover.

3rd Jun 2012
 Thanks very much!

3rd Jun 2012
 2 really classic N.O. items. The Titans made a good cover of "don´t you just know it" (with Earl Palmer on drums). Especially here in Germany was a cover of Casey Jones and the Govenors very popular (this was in the mid-60ties).

2nd Jun 2012
 If there's five out there who own this, could someone post? Meanwhile, scans of the 78 can be found here and here.

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