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Artist:Andy Ellison
Label:  SNB
Date:31 May 1968
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Community:5 Own, 2 Want
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AAndy EllisonYou Can't Do ThatJohn Lennon, Paul McCartney6.0  Rate
BAndy EllisonCornflake ZooT Maundrell8.0  Rate


14th Jun 2014
 Originally submitted as a note

Many sources list two pressings of this single, one with an alternative B-side entitled 'Casbah'

I've yet to see a copy without 'Cornflake Zoo' as the B-side but there is an unreleased
John's Children track called 'Casbah Candy' so who knows?

If anyone has a copy please post a scan.


19th Mar 2012
 I can clearly hear the high pitched warbling of Marc Bolan in the background of the B side. It sounds like they have attempted to mix it out, but it has leaked through on another track. And just who is T Maundrell?

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