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Artist:Gary Lewis And The Playboys
Label:  Liberty
Date:21 Apr 1967
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AGary Lewis And The PlayboysGirls In LoveAlan Gordon, Garry BonnerKoppelman, Rubin, KleinNick DeCaro8.0  Rate
BGary Lewis And The PlayboysLet's Be More Than FriendsTed DaryllKoppelman, Rubin, KleinHank Levine6.0  Rate


BB May 6, 1967


1st Oct 2013
 Added promotional copy label images.

29th Jul 2011
 Lennon wanted his voice double tracked a lot, or flanged, phased, or put through a leslie unit (used on organs)...even the technical team at EMI came up with an artificial "double tracking" (ADT) that Lennon loved, he'd sing it once and tell the control room to "Track-it"!...Gary had his voice double-tracked most of the time, just to "heft" it up.........John

29th Jul 2011
 Really enjoyed this one BeatleJ, as I bought most of their better-known output when they charted. Never seen/heard this one though. I see it peaked @ #39 on Billboard. Had I been Snuffy (it was him, wasn't it?) I'd have felt the flip was stronger in melody and with a crisper and more forward sound, and made that the 'A'. Very 'Yellow Balloon', too. But I've always been a sucker for double-tracking. It somehow sweetens the overall feel. I once read John Lennon insisted on being double-tracked - is that true? (Certainly, IMO, 'Woman' would not sound as appealing single-tracked).

Dr Doom
28th Jul 2011
 A great sunshine pop double sider which can be bought for cents...


17th Jun 2011
 A-side was actually rejected by the 'Turtles" camp...upon listening though it has that "You Know What I Mean" / "She's My Girl" feel to it (production-wise also)...John

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