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Record Details

Artist:The Bee Gees
Label:  Polydor
Date:Apr 1967
Chart Position:12
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:37 Own
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AThe Bee GeesNew York Mining Disaster 1941B. Gibb, R. GibbOssie Byrne, Robert StigwoodPhil Dennys8.5  Rate
BThe Bee GeesI Can't See NobodyB. Gibb, R. GibbOssie Byrne, Robert StigwoodBill ShepherdRate


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4th May 2015
 That You Tube clip sounds more like a live radio session than the actual record.

4th May 2015
 The introduction is by Barry Gibb.

4th May 2015
 Here's an Acetate version of the 1967 Polydor release, on YT, I've no idea who did the introduction to the group >>>

22nd Jul 2014
 Probably the date it was purchased then,rather than release date.
Thanks Keith.

22nd Jul 2014
 It was a saturday

22nd Jul 2014
 My lovely copy has 22/04/67 carefully written in the corner.
Would that be a friday?

12th Jan 2013
 first bee gees single i heard, and i really liked it: but i didn't hang onto it long - i sold it, to help afford the lp, "bee gees 1st", which had a dozen really fine songs including these two, and the next single...
two of the lp tracks somehow reminded me of a couple of joan aiken's whimsies; and it also had "every christian lion-hearted man", which i loved even if it made no sense to me; and the sublime "please read me".

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