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Artist:The Bee Gees
Label:  Polydor
Date:Jan 1968
Chart Position:8
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Community:49 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Bee GeesWordsB. Gibb, R. Gibb, M. GibbRobert Stigwood, The Bee GeesBill Shepherd9.0  Rate
BThe Bee GeesSinking ShipsB. Gibb, R. Gibb, M. GibbRobert Stigwood, The Bee GeesBill Shepherd8.5  Rate


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29th Aug 2015
 Early versions of the single had the 'Mini mob' credit but as Wurzelsepp states the version in the film is by Georgie Fame and actually pre-dates the Bee Gees version according to IMDb :

'Obsessive UK pop fans should note that it features a brief clip of The Majority performing a song written (but never released) by the Bee Gees, as well as the first recording of the Bee Gees' later hit, "Words," covered here by pop star Georgie Fame, who plays a pop star named "Georgie Hart." '

bold type by me !
It would seem that the film reference credit was dropped from the label on next pressings as the BGs do not actually feature in the film.

25th Aug 2014
 A side from the film The Mini-Mob acc. to the sheet music. Though the version in the film is actually performed by Georgie Fame.

26th Oct 2012
 My just acquired copy - the vinyl is so thin and flimsy, almost too thin!

23rd Jun 2012
 Oh yes - and much confusion ensued with this and this!

22nd Jun 2012
 All Aound The World, The Modern World...and News Of The World by The Jam was an interesting sucessive troika...John

22nd Jun 2012
 And The Clash did this and this!

22nd Jun 2012
 Not to mention this...

22nd Jun 2012
 So they followed 'World' with 'Words'? It must have been pretty confusing at the time

14th Nov 2011
 Gave "Sinking Ships" a spin last night while sorting some recently-donated 45's...what a truly great track it is. Can't stop singing it today though...!

30th Oct 2011
 Exactly right. I just bought a mint copy in original sleeve for 50p.

Staircase to Nowhere
6th Apr 2010
 50p can buy you this brilliance...

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