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Record Details

Artist:The Bee Gees
Label:  Polydor
Date:Jul 1968
Chart Position:1
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Community:71 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Bee GeesI've Gotta Get A Message To YouB. Gibb, R. Gibb, M. GibbRobert Stigwood, The Bee GeesBill Shepherd7.0  Rate
BThe Bee GeesKitty CanB. Gibb, R. Gibb, M. GibbRobert Stigwood, The Bee Gees9.0  Rate


Melody Maker review Aug 10, 1968.
Record Mirror review Aug 10, 1968.


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5th Apr 2016
 ppint is more right than me, ( i did start a forum for examples of the inverted tri-angle label examples but it appears no one else was interested in populatering it ). I think it started out as microgroove- to distingiusih from 78 groove records (as if playing funny at that speed and being 3" smaller in diameter wasnt enough of a difference ).. I forgot the Stereo logo device ! - DG group were early in the stereo format, I wonder what the first us on a 7" was )
Philips (Germany) were using a mix of labels in 1955 releases with Minigroove and a square box with 45 inside, and the inverted triangle logo , I cannot recall a Philips with the Stereo device on (found one in 1968 , printing is a little squashed !!)

5th Apr 2016
 yes, m in an equilateral triangle balanced on its point = advice that it's mono;
(s/stereo &) two circles overlapping sides = advice that you've got a stereo record;
polydor group & licenced labels, though not necessarily records mfd & distributed by polydor for independent companies.
spread also to philips group records - yr hmbl srppint. does not know whether this was when a lot of philips group product started getting mfd by polydor, after philips & polydor formed polygram, or when - some catter out there may know (or have records :-) )

n.b. the advice was not 100% reliable-upon.

4th Apr 2016
 Now I know.

4th Apr 2016
 M was the designator for Microgroove accrossPolydor group labels

4th Apr 2016
 I believe the 45 is mono. Anything to do with the 'M' in the triangle on the label?

My Friend Jack
15th Dec 2015
 Only made #2 on the Melody Maker and Disc & Music Echo charts.

22nd Nov 2015
 Groovemaster dj... or anyone else... is this mono or stereo?

13th May 2012
 You are absolutely right. A subtle but actual difference. Bear in mind that every time a set of labels were printed over the basic red Polydor stock blank, 50,000 copies would be the print run, of A + B sides.
The fact that this record made number one is a sure indicator that probably other variants will surface, along the way.

Addenda: The scans supplied by camshaft, #'s 443626, 443639, are in essence from exactly the same label print run as those posted by cronkey, #'s 46175, 46176. The only difference is that one copy is not dinked, and the other has a 3-pin dink.

13th May 2012
 In reply, perhaps my record is slightly different. If you look at the bottom - the group name and the composer line are so close together compare to NANOCYAR's scan, which is spaced a bit more.

12th May 2012
 camshaft, is your copy different from the other three already shown?


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