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Label:  Polydor
Date:Feb 1969
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
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ASecondhandA Fairy TaleRate
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16th Jun 2012
 Hi Dr, was that you i saw outside in the tree with the binoculars....ha ha.

Yes, I've got a copy of the Funeral 45 on Mushroom and I think I got it off Popclassics as a buy it now for £27 or something. Glad I snapped it up as I haven't seen another since. Will upload when I get the chance.

Also, shouldn't this band be known as Second Hand, rather than Secondhand?

Dr Doom
14th Jun 2012
 Have you seen the 45 issued on Mushroom? Didn't you buy it in fact? (*)

(* Apologies for sounding a bit stalker like, this was back in the days when you could see who won stuff on Ebay)

I remember Pop Classics selling it years back.

Seems to undocumented but does exist

The exact opposite of this one!


14th Jun 2012
 Agreed, I've never seen a copy of this in around 20 years of looking.

Dr Doom
29th May 2012
 I've seen this single listed in several discographies but my personal viewpoint is that it was never issued.

Which is a pity!


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