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Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Capitol
Date:8 Aug 1966
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Community:61 Own, 3 Want
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AThe BeatlesYellow SubmarineJohn Lennon, Paul McCartneyGeorge Martin9.3  Rate
BThe BeatlesEleanor RigbyJohn Lennon, Paul McCartneyGeorge Martin10.0  Rate


"Yellow Submarine" designated A side by Capitol Records
-- B side charted at # 11
-- unlike earlier Beatles sleeves this release lists the A side on top, both sides (and is very hard to find in good condition).
-- aside from the regular Capitol pressing plants (Scranton and Los Angeles) the original 1966 release was also contract pressed by Decca records
-- re-issued many times up to 1981

general Capitol release information of this coupling:
 Issued 1966 -1968 Orange/Yellow swirl, (no subsidiary information) also with yellow rim print, also contract Decca pressing (Gloversville)
 Issued 1968 -1969 Orange/Yellow swirl, subsidiary information in black (1968) or white (1968-1969)
 Issued 1969 Red/Orange “Dome” logo
 Issued 1969-1971 Red Orange “C” logo
 (coupling moved to Apple label 1971-1975, same catalogue number, returns to Capitol label 1976)
 Issued 1976-1978 Dark Orange, “Capitol” on lower perimeter
 Issued 1978-1981 Purple label
 (coupling moved to “Starline” label with new catalogue number)


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11th Jul 2014
 Added orange & yellow swirl label alternate variant. This is apparently another Los Angeles pressing, as it has 6 pronged asterisk in the deadwax. 45-45619-F7 on A side and 45-45616-G8 on B side.

16th May 2014
 Added b side to Decca contract pressing and variations of target labels.

24th Sep 2013
 No asterisk...

23rd Sep 2013
 Would there be a stamped six-pronged asterisk in the deadwax? G lacquers (as well as F's) are typical of Los Angeles pressings (because the Scranton pressings all used P and T lacquers from New York).

23rd Sep 2013
 Thank you BEATLEJOHN and W.B.lbl for your comments. I've added the sleeve to my copy now. Does it make it any clearer which version (or bootleg) it is? The matrix no. is not stamped but "hand-written": 45-45619-G-8/G-10

21st Sep 2013
 Genuine tub-cut West Coast picture sleeves were cut by Bert-Co (the same firm whose typesetting graced the variant {Images #983637 & 983638}).

21st Sep 2013
 Is it straight-cut across (East-coast and darker than West Coast)...or does it have the "tub-cut" thumb-tab..(West-coast)?....the boot version I've seen is a combination of the two..Lighter photo and straight cut top....John

21st Sep 2013
 Added a set of labels apparently same as 214562/4. Cover looks the same as the "West Coast". Purchased this from the same shop as 5498, so it may be a bootleg?

10th Mar 2013
 I picked up this copy of the East Coast sleeve today to upgrade my original copy--this one is a near mint copy with almost no ring wear. With acknowledgement to BeatleJohn for the earlier set of images.

3rd Feb 2013
 Added the white lettering "subsidiary" variant of the swirl label.

1st Nov 2012
 Uploaded scans of '76 to '78 Capitol labels w/ mono designations.

21st Aug 2012
 Added '76 to '78 capitol issue labels

31st Mar 2012
 Also exists with yellow "Mfd. by Capitol..." rim print (from Scranton, natch'), and "The Beatles" is shown in closed spacing as on 45's from "Strawberry Fields Forever" / "Penny Lane" (5810) onwards.

1st Mar 2012
 Thanks John...Bon Appeietit! :-)

1st Mar 2012
 Josh, I put your nicer West-coast sleeve first, since my East-coast looks like @"*#......, I'll take a tour through Apple later in the day, after dinner!..:-)...John

11th Sep 2011
 Hi, just to let you know, i have all the USA and Canadian Beatles singles all with original Mint Stock Copy Condition, most of them i have duplicates, i shall upload them on here soon.

7th Mar 2011
 This was a garage-sale sleeve I found in early 70's, because the printing is so dark it is hard to find this without ring-wear (and I've come across 2 others that looked worse!), a mint East-coast sleeve of this can fetch up to $200 US!

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