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Record Details

Artist:The Beatles
Label:  Capitol
Date:13 Feb 1967
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Community:82 Own, 2 Want
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AThe BeatlesStrawberry Fields ForeverJohn Lennon, Paul McCartneyGeorge Martin8.3  Rate
BThe BeatlesPenny LaneJohn Lennon, Paul McCartneyGeorge Martin9.0  Rate


-- Capitol designated as "double A side", Strawberry Fields Forever" has the lower master number.
-- "Penny Lane" charted higher, # 1
-- first pressings list Penny Lane's song time as 3:00
-- second pressing and all thereafter list time as 2:57
-- coupling re-issued many times in Capitol til 1981

general Capitol release information of this coupling:
 Issued 1967 -1968 Orange/Yellow swirl, (no subsidiary information)
 Issued 1968 -1969 Orange/Yellow swirl, subsidiary information in white (1968-1969) (rare)
 Issued 1969 Red/Orange “Dome” logo
 Issued 1969-1971 Red Orange “C” logo
 (coupling moved to Apple label 1971-1975, same catalogue number, returns to Capitol label 1976)
 Issued 1976-1978 Dark Orange, “Capitol” on lower perimeter
 Issued 1978-1981 Purple label
 (coupling moved to “Starline” label with new catalogue number)


27th Apr 2015
 Gold Disc scan added

11th Jan 2015

11th Jan 2015

19th Dec 2014
 No, the purple label would not be Cema Special Markets For Jukebox Only. First of all, if it were it would be clearly stated on the label. 2nd, this is too early for any Cema releases. It's just a purple label.

4th Apr 2014
 The jukebox only releases.... (I guess)

4th Apr 2014
 Purple label promos?

4th Apr 2014
 I've seen a Fist Full of the Purple Labeled ones Today In a Charity Shop all Promo All Mint In the Picture Sleeves. Damn. H.

30th Nov 2013
 Added late 70's labels

3rd Feb 2013
 In the UK this was the first Beatles single to come in a picture sleeve. The only other one to be released in a picture sleeve was Let It Be, which also was the same as the US sleeve.

31st Mar 2012
 The only known case of a pre-Apple U.S. Beatles 45 to have its picture sleeve design same as on the U.K. Parlophone.

10th Dec 2011
 This all concerns the mono mixes of Penny Lane...

Jan. 17, 1967...final recording day for song with piccolo trumpet solo added in the bridge and end flourish.... on this same day mono mixes were prepared for single release RM11 chosen as best and copied for dispatch to Capitol in USA and Canada (copies of final mono mixes for "Strawberry Fields Forever" and "When I'm 64" were sent to Capitol on January 3rd.)

Jan. 23, 1967... with the final coupling agreed upon, Capitol starts pressing promotional copies of P 5810 on this date. (with the projected release date at February 6th 1967)

Jan. 25, 1967...Paul feels the mix of Penny Lane could be "bettered", and 3 additional mono-mixes are made, RM14 chosen as best...no problem for the UK as no singles have been pressed yet, but too late for the USA/Canada Promo copies. (the main difference is the piccolo trumpet is mixed out at the end-flourish.)...this pushed the stock release back a week to February 13th.

Jan. 27, 1967...mono-mix RM14 dispatched to Canada and the USA (which is used on the stock singles.)

In 1980 when the US Rarities LP was being compiled, a "Hybrid-mix" of Penny Lane was fashioned, using the Sept, 30 1970 stereo mix and "flying-in" the trumpet flourish.. from a DJ single..(the RM11 mono master tape was discarded in 1967)..... this was "supervised" by Randall Davis and Ron Furmanek, as access to the Abbey Road multitracks were totally "off-limits" in those days..............hope this info is helpful....John


9th Dec 2011
 "When I Get Home" (later today...pardon the pun)..I'll add some info on this, I have a boot 45 and some labels to upload also...John

9th Dec 2011
 The USA release of SFF/PL bought with it a now and very sought after curio that I am sure not many of us know about.

The Promotonal/DJrelease of PL P-5810 with the lime green Capitol promotional labelsl is a different mix to the USA commercial AND the UK Demo and commercial releases.

The ending was chopped altered and spliced by Capitol to have an acual cold ending featuring the key notes of the piccilo trumpet that McCartney so liked, And this was the way that the USA heard this track on the radio.

The DJ/Radio mix came out commecially on the Capitol Rarities album and was the first time how the majority of us Brits heard and had this version.

It seems that this was no big deal US wise as that's how they had grown up with PL>>> deal with it. As the interest in owning an original Capitol promo 45 of this has esculated both by us Brits and the vast Japan market I have no actual idea how many copies of the promo 7" were pressed I assume it was into four figures Radio TV and Press, there are not that many copies around in a near mint to ex condition let alone have writing and or stickers etc on them.

It's an excellent rarity to own let alone find. (would be great for the bootlegers to do, we've had the Girl/Your Gonna Loose That Girl and the Let It Be three track dilogue, as I doubt if Capitol would think there was a commercial market for it!)

Beatlejohn tell us what you know or can source who did the mix etc?

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