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Record Details

Artist:Arthur Conley
Label:  Atlantic
Date:22 Mar 1968
Chart Position:46
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Community:30 Own
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AArthur ConleyFunky StreetConley, SimmsTom Dowd7.0  Rate
BArthur ConleyPut Our Love TogetherConleyTom Dowd5.0  Rate


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13th Apr 2012
 Thank you, Pomegranate.

The more you look, the more you see.
The scan of the B Side posted by Steve Kelly, #73946, shows timing at 2:25, which differs from all the others, which show 2:56.
Obviously, a printers error, but it would tend to confirm that as a first known pressing on this website, as corrections have been made on the others.

.....and don't get me started on Carlin Music vs. Redwal/Time, as publishers, LOL.

13th Apr 2012
 Agree with you, YankeeDisc. Made it one entry.

13th Apr 2012
 ...I had a look at the history of this single on Chart Archive.......HERE>>>>>>, and it was in the charts in UK for one week, in 1968, that's it.

So I'm suggesting that the two seperate entries for this single be amalgamated into one.
They both share the same cat. #, albeit 584175, and 584-175, and an actual release date of Mar 1968, with no UK promo copies having shown up yet.
The copy entered by VinnyG, for which I'm grateful, has not been confirmed as an actual release date by moderators, and has been left as 1969, because of ℗ 1969 appearing on the labels, whereas ℗ 1968 appears on the known earlier issue 584175, with Carlin Music as publisher.

Sure, there is a difference in publishing details, but not enough to make them unique seperate entries (you'd have to enter these two variants on Discogs to achieve that).

This all bears similarities to TMG 555, which had a life and a half, as a chart entry.

12th Apr 2012
 nimrod....I just did a quick check, and I have about 40 of the Red Label Polydor/Atlantic singles in the 584*** series, and none of them have the hyphen.

I think it is fairly safe to assume then that those singles with hyphenated cat. #'s are less common, and maybe later copies (repressings) than those issued from 1966 onwards, 584001-584***.
PS. To answer your question, after all the blether, the 3-prong pushout copy 584175 is the earlier pressing of the two shown, and the large centre hole copy 584-175 is a repress, not a reissue.

The earlier Mar.1968 first issue of this same single 584175, showing Carlin as the music publisher, obviously predates both those on this page, and I had not noticed that earlier.
I can only assume that Mr. Conley was touring UK/Europe around the time of issue of this single, and Atlantic/Polydor re-promoted this single, also giving it a 1969 release date, although no firm date of release is shown.

12th Apr 2012
 Where does this fit, in it has the Redwal/Time credit and issue date of 1969 but no hypen in the catalogue number

29th May 2011
 Purely conjecture, but as Atlantic label was at the time of this reissue pressed and distributed by Polydor, and Polydor displayed practically all of their singles thus, 2001-116, with hyphen, I assume that the odd hyphen got slipped in here and there, at random, on other labels.
On the flip side, hardly any Polydor singles from that period did not include a hyphen in their 7-digit numbering sequences, apart from this, so we must assume that type compositors had a hand in that also.

29th May 2011
 Re-issue of 584175 adopting hyphon, change of publisher to Redwal/Time and issue date 1969. Anyone know the reason why?

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