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Artist:Billy J. Kramer
Label:  Reaction
Date:Apr 1967
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ABilly J. KramerTown Of Tuxley Toy Maker Part 1The Bee GeesRobert Stigwood7.8  Rate
BBilly J. Kramer And The DakotasChinese GirlGreen, MacdonaldHoward Conder8.0  Rate


Record Mirror review Apr 15, 1967.


11th Mar 2014
 "Town of Tuxley Toy Maker Part 1" was The Bee Gees first recording session in England after they had relocated from Australia. The song, written by Barry, Robin and Maurice features all three on backing vocals with the recording taking place in March 1967 at IBC Studios in London. The orchestra was arranged by Bill Shepherd with Robert Stigwood as producer. Stigwood had merged his Robert Stigwood Agency with Brian Epstein's company and both Billy J. Kramer and The Bee Gees were NEMS artists at this time. The song had previously been recorded in late 1966 by Australian vocalist Jon Blanchfield LK 1662, with The Bee Gees also on backing vocals, prior to their move to the UK.

4th Jul 2013
 this would be his final pairing with The Dakotas

Indeed. Recorded in November 1966 with the Dakotas' line-up of Mick Green, Robin MacDonald and Frank Farley. There was one more session in November resulting in the unreleased R 5552 - 45 which was augmented by session players already.

18th Jun 2012
 I Think I hear a Bee Gee or two in the bkd. vocals....John

25th Jan 2012

19th Oct 2009
 The A side was recorded and credited to "Billy J. Kramer" while the flipside "Chinese Girl" was recorded and credited to "Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas", this would be his final pairing with The Dakotas.

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