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Artist:The Bee Gees
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:59 324
Date:22 Aug 1969
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AThe Bee GeesDon't Forget To RememberB. Gibb, M. GibbRobert Stigwood, The Brothers GibbRate
BThe Bee GeesThe LordB. Gibb, M. GibbRobert Stigwood, The Brothers GibbRate


5th Dec 2012
 ah, so it's maurice, i did wonder - he looks VERY like his twin in this shot although they are usually quite distinct from each other in most photos that i've seen

4th Dec 2012
 Yes - Robin walked out of the Bee Gees in March or April 1969 leaving them as a trio of Barry and Maurice with Colin Petersen. Petersen was out by the time they filmed Cucumber Castle around July or August though he's playing on the album. The bad feeling between the brothers Gibb reached new depths when they found themselves on Top Of The Pops one week performing this song whilst Robin was also on performing "Saved By The Bell" with both parties doing everything they could to avoid coming into contact.

Barry then left The Bee Gees at the end of 1969. Hence all three Gibbs dabbled with solo careers with mixed results. This left manager Robert Stigwood with a peculiar problem - a film by a band that no longer existed! Cucumber Castle the film was then left in the can until the brothers were finally reunited in around August 1970. There was talk about shooting some new sequences to add Robin to the film, but that came to nothing and it quietly was shown on TV in late 1970 to total indifference... not hard to see why! So began a strange era for the Gibbs as they tried to find some place in the 1970's.

4th Dec 2012
 ....I think you will find it's Barry on the left, Maurice in the middle, and Colin "Smiley" Petersen on the right.
Barry looks like he has had a severe nose job, and although I'm no Bee Gees expert, wasn't this the time when Robin Gibb was out of the group, for a while, therefore not on the sleeve.

I've also noticed a similarity between Barry Gibb and Brian Wilson. Both are the eldest brothers of their respective families, and all their younger brothers are now deceased, Dennis Wilson, Andy Gibb, Carl Wilson, Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb.

4th Dec 2012
 Next to them in this picture was Colin Petersen.

4th Dec 2012
 one of my faves by the Bros. Gibb, Robin and Barry looking very alike in this picture sleeve photo; first charted august 1969 in the UK; went to #1 in Holland, South Africa, Rhodesia, New Zealand; #2 in UK and Switzerland; #12 in Sweden; #73 in the USA!

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