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Record Details

Artist:Jimi Hendrix Experience
Label:  Track
Date:17 Mar 1967
Chart Position:3
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Community:70 Own, 2 Want
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AJimi Hendrix ExperiencePurple HazeHendrixYameta9.4  Rate
BJimi Hendrix Experience51st AnniversaryHendrixYameta7.4  Rate


First issue with white labels. Second issue with black labels.

Also available as a very rare one sided promo (604001)

Purple Haze appeared in the USA as the other side of The Wind Cries Mary 0597


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6th Sep 2014
 Added scans of a 4-prong variation

6th Aug 2013
 Could just be a different pressing as I think Track used a few different plants. The Who's "I can see for miles" and Arthur Brown "Fire" are both to found with four prong pushout centres as well. Your copy sounds much rarer than the 3 prong white label version though!

5th Aug 2013
 hi, just found this 45 with a 4 PRONG CENTRE, black label. Looks like a Pye/Oriole centre. Any thoughts?

17th Jul 2013
 Just looks like someone's coloured the centre in with biro!

Mikey Dread
16th Jul 2013
 What's your thoughts on this push-out centre.Butchered or rare?

25th Nov 2012
 RIP Chris Stamp.

30th Dec 2011
 Well, if we didn't have mysteries, life would be a little Dull, just like today's weather.

Oakley Boys
29th Dec 2011
 The only time I have ever seen it mentioned is in the latest RRPG and basically they are saying it's pot luck. I paid out £8 for a black label copy last year only for it to be exactly the same as my own! I'm not even sure what the differences are supposed to be in the song. Maybe it's a ruse (sick joke) by the RRPG.

28th Dec 2011
 There must be different stamper numbers in the run-out groove?

28th Dec 2011
 Is it true that there are different mixes pressed, but no way to tell from the labels or matrices which is which, anyone?

Oakley Boys
28th Mar 2011
 The RRPG states that there are two mixes available on the black label copies. Can anyone confirm that before I go splashing out on every black label copy I can find. They also state that visually (label and matrix number) there is no way of telling.

Dr Doom
25th Nov 2010
 Thanks Oakley Boys for adding the scan of the 1-sided promo copy. I've added a new entry in the database for it (with a link from this record) and moved the image over there. I've never seen one of those before - I dread to think how much it's worth!

Oakley Boys
25th Nov 2010
 Sorry Guys. I bought this a few years ago and it appears to be a genuine one-sided promo copy with a release date of 17th March 1967 stamped bottom right which you can just about make out. No point in me adding the b side as it's a plain white label.

13th Aug 2010
 Hi just here
I know the exact date for this record, bought it myself in 1967.
It was the day or week it came out in Holland march 1967.
the sleeve was lost but it must have been a White one.
Didn't see it here yet.
Got the same rim and solid centre llke my Hey Joe kopie.
Does anyone know more about this record.
I know this no promo, the first batch was just white labels.
later ones where black.
But what with the Solid versus open centres ?

25th Feb 2010
 Yup, mines White too..in fact, most I've seen are White..theres one in Thirsk Oxfam now for £12!!!

Peter Sundae
25th Feb 2010
 My copy is on a white label, reckon it's just an original label design.

25th Feb 2010
 Love the white label! Promo - or original label design?

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