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Artist:Rod Stewart
Label:  Mercury
Catalogue:6052 198
Date:17 Nov 1972
Chart Position:4
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Community:38 Own
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ARod StewartAngelHendrixRod Stewart8.0  Rate
BRod StewartWhat Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)SuttonRod Stewart8.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 451

There was also a USA export pressing issued for the UK market to supply demand. Copies can be distinguished from the UK releases as the USA exports have orange-red labels and a large hole 'dinked juke box style' centre. The official U.S. release uses the catalogue number 73344.


9th Apr 2012
 In this context, 'PR' on U.S. export pressings was actually PRC Recording Corp. of Richmond, IN. (Presswell only pressed LP's at that point, and for Atlantic/Atco.)

Ade Macrow
9th Apr 2012
 Also, note how only the orange labels give a first name initial to the song writers.

25th Oct 2011
 And here it is in the paper sleeve it was sold in here in Blighty. At this time it was quite a novelty to see something like this over here. Usually Mercury was as dreary as an episode of Take The High Road.

13th Dec 2010
 I may be able to provide the answer as to the 1-49--- and 2-49--- difference. Like many US labels at the time, Mercury was just starting to release singles in stereo. Singles starting with 1- were mono, with 2- stereo. You can see evidence of this at...


In addition, I'm certain that PR in the run-off groove stands for Presswell, a presser that used to be independent (later bought by WEA). I have also seen at...


...the labels for the US "Angel" (73344), with the same side number (2-49571) as 6052.198. The listings on this page also mention matrix numbers, and for "Angel" it is 2-49571-CP-6-MS. The CP here would refer to the Columbia Pitman (NJ) pressing plant.

Of course this doesn't solve the 6052.198 mystery...


12th Dec 2010
 45cat is meant to be getting a sleeves feature at some point.

That linked site is good but flawed. It would be good to get detailed scans of as many variations as possible here before trying to work out what exactly goes with what. Obviously it isn't really as easy as saying 'this record should have this sleeve' - especially as so many records stayed on catalogue for years and it seems variations were phased in and old stock was sometimes used. It would be possible to have a comprehensive list with all variations in chronological order and rough date guides though.

11th Dec 2010
 I help out that site too...mostly the US stuff.....try to make it as reliable as possible....BEATLEJOHN

11th Dec 2010
 Found this site with good views on labels and standard sleeves. This may shed some light on release differences in labels and years in use. Haven´t checked it for reliabilty but it looks OK


10th Dec 2010
 Gee it never ceases to amaze me with what's been pressed here and sent over to you....I knew about some of the RCA's, and the Slade singles on Polydor..but this is a new one on me........God I Love this website!....BEATLEJOHN

10th Dec 2010
 Interesting about 73344 charting in Canada. They weren't using the US numbering system at that time (as far as I know). I wonder if they imported US copies into Canada? That was known to happen.

Being in a 'netherworld' between UK and US companies, occasionally Canadian companies would release 2 versions of singles, if the versions were different, but still they usually used UK or European numbers OR numbering systems.

As for 6052.001 being out of sequence, that is a puzzler.
It has '6052' numbers in the run-off groove? That's completely puzzling!

bill mann
10th Dec 2010
 Jerry Lee Lewis had a country No 1 with 'Milwaukee' in the US in 1968 and his is by far the best version of a great song.

My Friend Jack
9th Dec 2010
 The version which charted in Canada was on Mercury 73344. It made #47 on the RPM charts. The same release reached #40 in the US.

If 6052 001 had been released in a chronological sequence, it would have come out in 1971 - clearly that would be nonsense as it hadn't been recorded then.


9th Dec 2010
 I can say with some authority that the Red USA 6052 198 was available in the UK, EARLY in it's chart run...I bought it! One of my copies of "You Wear It Well" is also on this Red USA label, and that too was bought in Bruce Moores, Hartlepool.

9th Dec 2010
 These are clearly US pressed singles meant for the UK and/or Europe. Mercury US singles numbers at this time were 5-digit numbers starting with a '7', and the side numbers are clearly US matrix numbers.

This appears to not have had an actual US release, as the US version of "Angel" (Mercury 73344) has "Lost Paraguayos" as the B side (as already mentioned).

As for reports that some sites have this listed as a US release, this is mistaken. However, it appears that 6052.198 WAS released in Canada, where Mercury used UK/European catalogue numbers on all its releases at that time.

As for which labels are oldest, it is definitely the red US and black UK ones, and I would say one of them should be shown as the main entry. The tan injected labels would've been the next released, and then the silver injected ones.

When PolyGram started using plastic injected labels, most labels had a distinct colour design. Polydor was red, RSO was peach, and Mercury was tan (there were other distinct colours too, but I can't remember all of them right now). On later injected labels, they all became silver.

As for the difference between 6052.001 and 6052.198, the numbers would suggest that 6052.001 was released earlier, but why the two releases, I don't know.

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