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Artist:Uriah Heep
Label:  Vertigo
Catalogue:6059 037
Date:Mar 1971
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AUriah HeepLady In BlackRate
BUriah HeepSimon The Bullet FreakRate

25th Jan 2015
 the a-side was released b/w bird of prey, and then reissued b/w simon the bullit freak, as per german labels and piccy sleeves' spelling, in italy - as though it was about a film freak, rather than an (guns&) ammo freak. bronze .de (or licencees) went on to reissue it thus twice, france+austria & australia as "bullet" - the latter as the b-side to "look at yourself", the eventual 9/71 a-side to it in the uk.

does anyone know what the author's original intentions were - and whether he was happy with it remaining indeterminate?

26th May 2010
 As far as I am aware this was never issued as a single in the UK.
It was issued in France and Germany with picture sleeves.

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