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Artist:Country Joe McDonald
Label:  Vanguard
Catalogue:6076 252
Date:22 Jan 1971
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ACountry Joe McDonaldHold On It's Coming (Take 1)McDonaldRate
BCountry Joe McDonaldHold On It's Coming (Take 2)McDonaldRate


12th Jan 2013
 Thanks for that info. musictom. You stated 'no credit to Martin Birch on the album', and that's right, but Martin was senior engineer at De Lane Lea studios at that time, and he was mentoring Lou, as Lou would have been 19 or 20 at the time of the sessions.
Martin Birch is obviously a well known former record engineer and producer, Deep Purple and Fleetwood Mac used him a lot, and Lou would have been along on most of those sessions, as tape op., or additional engineer, but without credits.

If anyone has Faces "First Step" album, with 14 versions here on Discogs, this is quoted on the back cover. "In helping the production we would like to acknowledge Martin Birch, the engineer, and John and Lou." Image HERE, from reel to reel tape issue.

John is John Acock, who worked later with Steve Hackett and Lou is Louis Austin, and they were both tape ops. at the time of recording that album at De Lane Lea, and one other studio, I believe. Credits were often not mentioned on releases, as I'm sure that you are aware.

11th Jan 2013
 Both labels say recorded in Europe. The cover says recorded London- DeLane Lea, Louis Austin; San Francisco- Pacific High Recording, Phil Salwer; New York- Vanguard 23rd St. Studio, Eddie Friedner. No credit to Martin Birch on the album.

11th Jan 2013
 .....my friend Lou Austin engineered that album, from which these tracks are taken, the London sessions, anyway.
It must have been recorded at De Lane Lea studios, in Kingsway, where Lou worked, at that time.
Lou did tell me that Joe was a real character, and he picked up some English speech idioms from him, whilst working together. Joe posted Lou some tourist postcards from various parts of Europe, after completing his English recording sessions, I can recall one from Switzerland, it read like a message between two buddies.

I would imagine Martin Birch would also have been around at the London recording sessions.

11th Jan 2013
 Just checking my American Vanguard album VSD-79314.

Hold On It's Coming No. 1 (3:48)
Joe McDonald-Vocal, acoustic guitar; Spencer Davis- Back-up vocal, acoustic guitar; Alex Dmochowski-Bass

Hold On It's Coming No. 2 (3:48)
Joe McDonald-Vocal, acoustic guitar; Vic Smith- Back-up vocal, bass; Spencer Davis- Back-up vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica; Richard Sussman- Piano; Ed Bogas- Fiddle; Chicken Hirsh- Drums

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