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Artist:The Beach Boys
Label:  Capitol Starline
Catalogue:6081 / X-6081
Date:11 Jul 1966
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AThe Beach BoysHelp Me, RhondaBrian WilsonRate
BThe Beach BoysDo You Wanna DanceBobby FreemanRate


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4 hours ago
 John: I had thought my black copy was stereo, but after another listen I think it is just rechanneled. Very little separation, a bit echoey. Same dead wax marking as RecordDragon.

5 hours ago
 ...slap a pair of headphones on, and tell me if it's true stereo......(considering it was first mixed in stereo a couple of years ago...this is highly doubtful)....John

6 hours ago
 I have the black rainbow label pressing and the A-side is the single version in STEREO. I didn't think it existed. Has anyone else heard it? Deadwax has matrix number S-45-X-1-6081-53453. B-side is mono.


30th Jun 2014
 Here is the black/rainbow label. Contract pressing from Specialty Records Corp., Olyphant, PA. Vinyl, no gripper ridges.

21st Feb 2014

21st Feb 2014
 I have a copy of this single on the red/white target label. I'm guessing that would come after the green swirl label?

Target Label

15th Sep 2013
 added yet another label variation, this time a more traditional looking Capitol label.

19th Feb 2013
 I have a Mono Round Capitol logo Do You Wanna Dance to add up , see if I can get it scanned in next couple of hours. Until I got it out of the sleeve it looked untouched and hardly , if at all , played, my messy fingerprints have somewhat ruined the sheen , and I do try to be careful.

Done , uploaded both sides as label appears in better condition than existing ones. B Side has a small white ink run to left of Starline , its circular on the label like a polo mint , scanner has interpreted it a bit differently and found another white mark that isnt there.

12th Apr 2012
 thanks, help me rhonda is a sea of tunes publishing and do you wanna dance is a clockus music production. does anyone else have one?

4th Apr 2012
 Clockus Music was the publisher for Bobby Freeman's "Do You Wanna Dance" which The Beach Boys had covered; Irving Music took over publishing of Brian Wilson's works from the Sea of Tunes Publishing Co. after his father Murry had sold the firm to A&M's BMI affiliate around 1969 (although the second variant {Image #324463} was a post-1976 pressing with post-1975 typesetting from Los Angeles, and the third {Images #239061 & 239062} was post-1978).

4th Apr 2012
 Can Anyone tell me why Clockus music, inc, and irving music put this record out?

charlie 45
6th Mar 2012

2nd Feb 2012
 Shuffled images around to correct order..John..(one of these days I'll take a tour through the Starline enties and do some correcting...John)

2nd Feb 2012
 C-logo (70-78) predates dome-logo (79-80), blue label from 1981 on

28th Jan 2012
 right, starline is a confusing business

28th Jan 2012
 ...actually in-between is the red/white target starline label!!!...John

28th Jan 2012
 2nd Starline reissue (first one on green swirl label dates from 1966)

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