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Artist:Van McCoy And The Soul City Symphony
Label:  Avco
Catalogue:6105 037
Date:9 May 1975
Chart Position:3
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Community:36 Own
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AVan McCoy And The Soul City SymphonyThe HustleVan McCoyHugo And Luigi7.7  Rate
BVan McCoy And The Soul City SymphonyGet Dancin'Bob Crewe, Kenny NolanHugo And LuigiRate


Release date of 16 May 1975 given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 574.


26th Jul 2014
 my copy is the injection moulded type, and appears to be a promo given out by a plugging company to a radio station - the sticker says "Alsation Release Date 9 May 1975"

This copy is believed to come from Loughborough College Radio originally.

Michael Earith
13th Jan 2014
 Was THE HUSTLE Issued In Japan? I See No Japanese Copies In The Database.

1st Jun 2012
 Added variant scans with "Soul Peeper" logo added at top left. (Slightly creepy in my opinion to have that eye staring at you as the record goes round and round.)

15th Jan 2012
 Not sure, i'm only aware of the Disco Mix version i've uploaded here http://www.45cat.com/record/6105092 ... I do have a copy of this original though and i'll dig it out and check if it has the same B Side

Oakley Boys
15th Jan 2012
 Does anyone know why there are two releases of 'The Hustle' one after the other but with different B sides and different act numbers?

Oakley Boys
11th Jan 2011
 Judging by the ruined middle on one of my copies I suspect it also came with a push-out centre as well.

26th Apr 2010
 both tracks taken from the album "Disco Baby" number 9109004

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