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Artist:Ray Charles
Label:  Tangerine [Ray Charles]
Catalogue:6121 001
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Community:2 Own, 1 Wants
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Dr Bob Jones
25th Sep 2014
 Strange that this UK issue is titled 'Boody Butt' and is credited to Ray Charles,whilst the USA Tangerine release (TRC 1015) is titled 'Booty Butt' with 'Sidewinder' on the flip and is credited as The Ray Charles Orchestra.

Dr Doom
5th Mar 2011
 Yup, As soon as the American Tangerines overtake the UK they will move to the default first option.

BUT we're looking into a way for people to choose their default country so that if you only want to see UK 45s then you can choose to do that.

This won't be happening immediately BTW but I thought some folks would like to know. There are a lot of non UK 45s being added right now while we bug test but I'll repeat the mantra UK released 45s will continue to be the priority of 45cat for the foreseeable future

: )

5th Mar 2011
 Perhaps as there are only 2 UK singles on this label, [UK] should appear after Tangerine Records
The USA equivalent has 10 years' worth of releases - watch this space!!

The Toad
14th Aug 2010
 The first of only three Tangerine singles to be released in Britain, which they were through Philips. The 'A' side is a laid-back funky instrumental, with saxophone, guitar and piano taking their turn to shine. The 'B' is jazzier, a mid-tempo Big Band thing.

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