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Record Details

Artist:Detroit Emeralds
Label:  Janus
Catalogue:6146 020
Date:10 Nov 1972
Chart Position:4
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:71 Own
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ADetroit EmeraldsFeel The Need In MeTilmon JrA Katouzzion ProductionA. Tilmon, J. Allen9.8  Rate
BDetroit EmeraldsAnd I Love HerLennon, McCartneyA Katouzzion ProductionA. Tilmon, S. Sanders, W. Mitchell1.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 450


1st Apr 2015
 The B-side Lennon-McCartney cover here obeys the essential rule for such a thing - in general, pitch it some distance away from the original in style. I've heard an awful lot worse from musicians who should know better - this works.

11th Apr 2013
 I quite like it too, albeit it doesn't pull up any trees, as they say.

carey jeggs
12th Jun 2012
 Thanks Deep. Nothing wrong with it,I think it's delightful.Now I want to hear David Jacobs' version.

Deepinder Cheema
12th Jun 2012
 There is a YT appearance of the B side.


carey jeggs
14th Nov 2011
 I want to hear it but unfortunately this version isn't on youtube.Apparently there's a version by David Jacobs but that isn't on either.That's a shame.

14th Nov 2011
 G'M. Play the "B" side, I'm pretty sure you'll have a copy of it (if not, I'll bet it's on You Chube.. oh sorry, that's a Glasgow term ;)
It's not about royalties for John & Paul, just give it a spin, I'm sure this time you'll agree that it stinks!

14th Nov 2011
 I have just read the comment from 2009 and it has really made me chuckle and the day :)

Label colour? Large Centre?

1. It's an I.E.P. Intergral Embossed and>>>>>> Painted

Yes painted

2. It's Paint #1 I Phonogram buff/beige Mercury CTI and what and whenever
#2 Phonogram Yellow Stax and what-wherever

It is more than just plausable that various colours were available in the range and if a drum was getting low another colour could or would be used.

"ere George, you got any of that Avco Pink left>>> Na Fred Spring, Green or Polydor (both together) Kack Brown"

The 3pin Phonogram dinked centres could apply to BOTH paper label runs and IEP runs. ad the dinker and "dinking" is a seperate and manual process as is LH (Large Hole) die-cutting.

Really do enjoy and appreciate this site.

Insult to J & P ???? I wonder where the copyright roylties quarterly gregory's went?

The 4-pin dinked Centre copy is a bulk standard contract pressing awarded to CBS Aston Clinton Aylesbury Buckinghamshire. dispatched to Phonodisc distribustion/sales Clyde Works Just Off The North Circular and next door to Durex UK can't miss ir :) [Bit kinky latex and pvc right next door to each other!]

14th Nov 2011
 The "B" is the probably the biggest load of drivel I have EVER had the the misfortune to hear, and a xxxxxxg insult to John Lennon (R.I.P.) and Sir Paul McCartney.

27th Aug 2009
 There are FOUR label variations on this 45.

The two above, plus Large Centre and Philips 3-Prong versions.

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