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Record Details

Artist:Detroit Emeralds
Label:  Janus
Catalogue:6146 020
Date:10 Nov 1972
Chart Position:4
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:80 Own
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ADetroit EmeraldsFeel The Need In MeTilmon JrA Katouzzion ProductionA. Tilmon, J. Allen10.0  Rate
BDetroit EmeraldsAnd I Love HerLennon, McCartneyA Katouzzion ProductionA. Tilmon, S. Sanders, W. Mitchell1.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 450


8th Oct 2015
 Have added scans of my solid copy which is different to thatsunday's. Was this a CBS contract press?

1st Apr 2015
 The B-side Lennon-McCartney cover here obeys the essential rule for such a thing - in general, pitch it some distance away from the original in style. I've heard an awful lot worse from musicians who should know better - this works.

11th Apr 2013
 I quite like it too, albeit it doesn't pull up any trees, as they say.

carey jeggs
12th Jun 2012
 Thanks Deep. Nothing wrong with it,I think it's delightful.Now I want to hear David Jacobs' version.

Deepinder Cheema
12th Jun 2012
 There is a YT appearance of the B side.


carey jeggs
14th Nov 2011
 I want to hear it but unfortunately this version isn't on youtube.Apparently there's a version by David Jacobs but that isn't on either.That's a shame.

14th Nov 2011
 G'M. Play the "B" side, I'm pretty sure you'll have a copy of it .
It's not about royalties for John & Paul, just give it a spin, I'm sure this time you'll agree that it stinks!

14th Nov 2011
 I have just read the comment from 2009 and it has really made me chuckle and the day :)

Label colour? Large Centre?

1. It's an I.E.P. Intergral Embossed and>>>>>> Painted

Yes painted

2. It's Paint #1 I Phonogram buff/beige Mercury CTI and what and whenever
#2 Phonogram Yellow Stax and what-wherever

It is more than just plausable that various colours were available in the range and if a drum was getting low another colour could or would be used.

"ere George, you got any of that Avco Pink left>>> Na Fred Spring, Green or Polydor (both together) Kack Brown"

The 3pin Phonogram dinked centres could apply to BOTH paper label runs and IEP runs. ad the dinker and "dinking" is a seperate and manual process as is LH (Large Hole) die-cutting.

Really do enjoy and appreciate this site.

Insult to J & P ???? I wonder where the copyright roylties quarterly gregory's went?

The 4-pin dinked Centre copy is a bulk standard contract pressing awarded to CBS Aston Clinton Aylesbury Buckinghamshire. dispatched to Phonodisc distribustion/sales Clyde Works Just Off The North Circular and next door to Durex UK can't miss ir :) [Bit kinky latex and pvc right next door to each other!]

14th Nov 2011
 The "B" is the probably the biggest load of drivel I have EVER had the the misfortune to hear, and a xxxxxxg insult to John Lennon (R.I.P.) and Sir Paul McCartney.

27th Aug 2009
 There are FOUR label variations on this 45.

The two above, plus Large Centre and Philips 3-Prong versions.

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