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Record Details

Artist:Ray Stevens
Label:  Janus
Catalogue:6146 201
Date:24 May 1974
Chart Position:1
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:54 Own
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ARay StevensThe StreakR. StevensRay StevensRay Stevens4.0  Rate
BRay StevensYou've Got The Music InsideR. StevensRay StevensRay Stevens3.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 526


26th Feb 2015
 Dead wax: (Record scan 1) A side only "DB".

5th Sep 2010
 Just to complicate things further, I'm sure that a girl I knew at the time this came out had a copy on Westbound rather than Janus, with the same light-brown-coloured label.

My Friend Jack
24th Jun 2010
 Can't shed any light as such, but I do know that Al Downing's excellent "I'll Be Holding On" was also released on Janus and Chess within a metter of months in 1974/75, albeit with different B-sides. The catalogue numbers were similar, but different: 6145 036 on Chess and 6146 032 on Janus.

How does The Streak on Chess catalogue number compare with the Janus? Terry Hounsome's Single File lists both Al Downing releases, but only the Janus release of The Streak.

24th Jun 2010
 Can anyone shed ant light on this? I picked up a UK copy on Chess (it was in a box of 45's I was given last week, honest!!) 1974 date on it, in amongst other 1974 pop hits..was it issued on 2 labels at the same time? "Don't Look Ethel"!!!

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