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Artist:Sex Pistols
Label:  Glitterbest
Catalogue:640 106
Date:May 1977
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Community:12 Own, 1 Wants
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ASex PistolsGod Save The QueenJones, Matlock, Cook, RottenRate
BSex PistolsDid You No WrongJones, Matlock, Cook, RottenRate


Number: 173830  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: Spitfire73
Description: Cover

Number: 173832 
Uploaded By: Spitfire73
Description: Back Cover

Number: 173835 
Uploaded By: Spitfire73
Description: A

Number: 173837 
Uploaded By: Spitfire73
Description: B

Number: 495097 
Uploaded By: a p mac
Description: alternative BA-105 sleeve back

Number: 495099 
Uploaded By: a p mac
Description: alternative a side label no (p) 1977 glitterbest ltd

Number: 495100  (Hidden)
Uploaded By: a p mac
Description: alternative a side label no (p) 1977 glitterbest ltd

8th Oct 2013
 Felonious, I ran through the clip but couldnt spot anything as it was too fast.

Also just ran through the HF clip, the other records you see are James Cotton - My Baby (Sun)
& Roy Orbison - Only The lonely (Monument), he buys an Otis Redding but we don't get to see which.

7th Oct 2013
 In the film The Boat that rocked the "Peel" caricature risked his life to save his box of raer records most if not all were still on catalogue at the. I spotted The other side of Bob Dylan, Love da Capo and The Incredible String Band and 5000 spirits of the onion. He could got on shore and headed down to his nearest import shop and replaced them all. Se how many "raers" you can spot

7th Oct 2013
 Compare my comment on this - a similar head-scratcher, in Hornby's original novel.

7th Oct 2013
 In Nick Horby's book High Fidelity, the shop owner is offered the ultimate record collection at a giveaway price, when the film version was made they decided to show some of the records to show how valuable it was. Typically for Hollywood they didnt do some thorough research and so we see God Save The Queen as a selected single, unfortunately the French version sans cover, worth tu'pence, instead of the A&M version. The scene ended up on the cutting room floor but can be seen in the extras on the DVD.
edited: the clip can be found on youtube, search for "High Fidelity Record Collector", I linked it but then decided to pull it since its not actually music linked to this record.

Oakley Boys
12th Jul 2012
 Last part sorted!

a p mac
12th Jul 2012
 alternative rear sleeve added
alternative a side label added
did you no wrong !
no i did do wrong
sorry accidentally added same scan twice

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