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Artist:Adrian Kimberly
Label:  Calliope
Date:May 1961
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Community:16 Own
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AAdrian KimberlyPomp And CircumstanceElgar, Adapted By Adrian KimberlyRate
BAdrian KimberlyBlack Mountain StompAdapted By Ike Everly7.0  Rate


BB June 5, 1961

a) DX 11,897 (1.58) Rooke, BMI
b) DX 11,896 (2.14) Rooke, BMI

Both tracks are instrumentals.
Adrian Kimberly is a pseudonym for Don Everly.


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14th Apr 2015
Any truth to the story that the BBC refused to play the A side of this release?
They probably didn't have to refuse, as it wasn't even released locally.

23rd Aug 2012
 wonder why Don chose the name Kimberly - perhaps the surname of one of his ancestors?

24th Apr 2012
 Well you have a point plerner, I had forgotten about those singing ladies. Incidentally I moved your scan to the top, as it is clearly better than my wrinkled ones.

20th Apr 2012
 Just added a scan of the A side because my copy is a little more pristine, and then noticed it's a bit different anyway. So there you are. By the way are these instrumentals - both sides feature some slightly crazy ladies singing. (Good of Don to let his Dad get a credit, incidentally).

11th Sep 2011
 Thank you, that would explain it. Unfortunately it seems that this advice was no longer being heeded by the time "Hooked On Classics" came along... ;-)

11th Sep 2011
 The Producers' guidelines advised against pop versions of Classical music. Most records released in the UK were not played by the BBC. They did not have the time to play them. The guidelines are here

10th Sep 2011
 Any truth to the story that the BBC refused to play the A side of this release?

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